Vale Ariel P. Cat 1999-2017

Posted: April 12, 2017 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Vale Ariel P. Cat 1999-2017
fly free noble friend

one night many years ago Rod (aka Old Man Crow) read this poem by Paul Gallico to Ariel

Ode To Honourable Cat

I am Cat.
I am honourable.
I have pride.
I have dignity.
And I have memory.
For I am older than you.
I am older than your Gods;
the Tree Gods, the Stone Gods,
the Thunder & Lightning
and the Sun Gods
And your God of Love.
I too can love
But with only half a heart
And that I offer you.
Accept what I am able to give
For were I to give you all
I could not bear your
inevitable treachery.
Let us remain honourable friends.

he looked up from his book with a tear in his eye & said to Ariel,
“I understand you can only give me half your heart.”
Ariel looked him straight in the eye & purred,
“It doesn’t work that way!” and gave him all his heart.

this beautiful photograph was taken by Madeleine Tuckfield-Carrano on Monday

  1. What? No! Ariel now has wings? Oh Mo and Rod….I am so very very sorry. My love and my heart is with you both dear friends.

  2. snicklefritzin43 says:

    Much sadness in saying goodbye to such a long-time friend. Sending love and light to you and Rod as you find ways to remember and bring some fullness to the holes in your home and life the passing has left.

  3. Liz A says:

    Requiescat in pace Ariel …

    And to your dear friends, our love and condolences

  4. Jen says:

    Love and thoughts are with you both. Your dear friend and companion will be missed by many xx

  5. deemallon says:

    oh so so sorry Mo. I’m glad you got these extra weeks with him. Such a noble being — clear from his very photographic presence. (peace)

  6. coloremartine says:

    Mo……………reading this together with Venus. So sad for you………..RIP Ariel……..

  7. jude says:

    Fly high sweet Ariel…

  8. dinahmow says:

    Oh! I knew, we all knew, this day was coming, but it still hurts. Thank you for sharing some of Ariel with us. Love to you and Rod

  9. his Spirit will remain with you..literally and of Heart

  10. Marti says:

    For all that Ariel was, is, and will forever be, my thoughts are with you Mo and Rod .I never had pets as a child so when our daughters were born, we decided that they would. They chose sister cats, Charcole and Frisky and they became family and live on in our hearts as Ariel does with you.

  11. Aileen Jordan says:

    Sending our thoughts and lové To Mo, Rod and Ariel P Cat

  12. Fly air spirit
    Gentle quiet love to you both (((Mo)))

  13. Lovely tribute to Ariel. Farewell fine feline.
    Blessed bee thee for the gifts you gave to all those who love you

  14. fiberels says:

    Brings tears to my eyes, that poem !
    What a special friend you had
    May he fly free in the After and the Beyond
    (makes me think of our dear Bagheera)

  15. Tears in my eyes (((((Mo & Rod))))

  16. Wendy McDonald says:

    Dear Mo and Rod, this is the saddest news ever. I know he was so loved and brought such joy to your lives. 🌹🌹

  17. roz says:

    Condolences Mo and Rod. Forever in your hearts.

  18. Richard Whitfield says:

    A lovely tribute to the Prince of Cats. xR

  19. Rachel & Guido says:

    Dear Mo & Rod, I’m sitting crying for your and our loss of Ariel. He was such a beautiful, proud creature and I remember feeling so honoured when he deigned to lick my hand! Love and sympathy from Rachel & Guido xox

  20. arlee says:

    The Boy goes to Handsome Heaven, so sorry, Mo. I know it’s heart breaking, but he’ll remember the sweet life you and Rod gave him, and you’ll still feel him t/here.

  21. fiona says:

    Oh Mo. Go gently thru this aching time. That was a wonderful ode to Ariel and a beautiful photograph to treasure. These times are hard.

  22. margaret johnson says:

    Lots of love to you both, and ofcourse his Spirit will always be with you….oxox

  23. Nancy says:

    So sorry to read of your dear Ariel. Sending love as you hold close your memories of him, may you celebrate those memories together.

  24. Hazel says:

    oh…Peace and Love to all three of you, ox.

  25. Rene says:

    My commiserations on your loss-what a beautiful cat. I love the poem. Thank you for sharing it.

  26. Christina says:

    Much love……so hard to let him go. Beautiful Ariel, such a noble spirit. He is wandering amoung the stars….such a beautiful Presence and muse. His spirit lives on…

  27. Julie Banks says:

    So sorry to hear of the loss of your special muse. What a wonderful poem- it brought tears to my eyes. You, Rod and Ariel gave so much to each other through the years and your memories are so beautiful. Fly free Ariel, and peace, love and hugs. xxx

  28. vdbolyard says:

    sending my love…

  29. Little Brother Mike says:

    Tear-making, the Rod-read poem and cat response. I’m sorry I never got to meet Ariel (and ask the meaning of the initial P). Still, we’ll be forever close through Ariel’s Illuminated Book of Life and Philosophy (and coincidental abecediary), as will those who receive it and pass it down through the generations.

    A good long life. An honest cat.

  30. GLENNIS DOLCE says:

    oh Mo…i know your fine feline companion will reside in your memory (and ours!) for all days. xo…

  31. Carol says:

    Dear Mo and Rod, tears for Ariel and you both. A glorious cat had a glorious life and he will always be in your hearts. Vale Ariel P. Cat. xxx

  32. Ariel… in the big love…

  33. Dotti says:

    To Ariel and you I say
    how wonderful that
    you two met and
    Knew it


  34. vintagewithlaces says:

    I’m very sorry that you lost your sweet family member. I’ve tears in my eyes.

  35. Mo Crow says:

    thanks so much to everyone for the beautiful good vibes !

  36. emilysuzanna says:

    So sorry to hear about your beautiful kitty. Rest In Peace little one 🙏

  37. Mathilde says:

    😌oh what a beautyfull poem. And i have tears in my eyes about the last part.
    So moved.

    Be well Ariel P Cat.
    Thank you for having been on Earth🍀💕🍀😻

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