The Dark Matters at White Rabbit Gallery

Posted: April 1, 2017 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Richard and Old Man Crow exploring 100s of hand cut objects in  Grinding (2013-16) by Yang Mushi
The Dark Matters at White Rabbit Gallery
Richard photographing the zeppelin blowing up in this surreal multilayered photo-video-“painting”
Infinite Landscape 2011 by Yang Yongliang
“The ancients used landscape to convey feeling,” he says. “I use landscape to criticize society”
sublimely carved marble reflecting in AIP-PF (2004) by Chang Nai-Wen
Water Drops (2014) by Kung Wen-Yi and Ko Yu-Cheng
“The artists (each of whom made half the work) celebrate rain as an analogy for the creative imagination. Just as water is the universal solvent and the source of life, they say, so the imagination is an all embracing source of ideas, which must be contained and channeled just as water is.”
beautiful, deep, sublime
so much to reflect on

  1. Tilly says:

    Wow. Marvelous and inspiring

  2. Nancy says:

    Wow! Such amazing images of this work!

  3. yes Mo, do you have another picture of the water drops? intruiging!

  4. I have seen a number of Yang’s work on YouTube, I really enjoy their complexity.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Leonie))) I was sure he had carved all the forms in graphite but discovered in reading that he used wood for these forms over the three years of looking deeply at his place within the larger “insanity” of Chinese society, to quote from his bio
      “The neatly arrayed shapes speak of isolation, anger, pointless rules and grinding toil. But over the months of labour, the artist’s feelings changed. For all its hard edges and barbaric spikes, his meaningless anti-landscape has an air of harmony and calm.”

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