A Prayer Full Moon

Posted: November 15, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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a-prayer-mo-16A Prayer Mo 16
red felt, red silk, red waxed linen, a red button, red glass beads, grape vine tendril painted black, a weathered seed inlaid with red thread, bangalow palm inflorescence, turquoise, wishbone, lichen, emu feather, passionfruit vine tendril, thread

“On the lip of an abyss roaring with dark wind stood a tiny bush that bore an intensely red flower. The bush grew right on the very edge of nothingness, and yet somehow its roots were holding. It had a grip that no wind could disturb; it thrived there, all on its own, this modest little plant, and while the abyss yawned beside it, it went on bravely, doggedly flowering.”

Helen Garner “Notes from a Brief Friendship” 2011 p46 “Everywhere I Look” 2016
full-moonFull Moon

  1. this Prayer is breathing

  2. A beautiful weaving together of Hope.

    • Mo Crow says:

      a handle on reality, the sun comes up, the moon waxes and wane, the tides come and go, the seasons turn, gardening & stitching are a way to mend the tears

  3. fiberels says:

    Another special amulet, Mo ….
    (I cherish mine 😉 !)

  4. shemann says:


  5. The light of the full moon and your beautiful work and Helen Garner’s words are so healing to see in these dark times.

  6. jan williams says:

    The ‘feather of hope’ hangs by the back door. I will print the pic above.

  7. way back, reading and loving your posts……..the rope!
    your full moon!
    love you

  8. jude says:

    sometimes your works reminds me of delicate insects.

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