weaving with the spirits of place at Sculpture by the Sea

Posted: October 27, 2016 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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jane-gillings-the-pearly-gatesThe Pearly Gates Jane Gillings
pvc pipe, discarded plastic, wire, rivets, cable ties, pebbles
orest-kaywan-long-days-journeyLong Day’s Journey Orest Keywan
steel polymer
marcus-tatton-the-messageThe Message Marcus Tatton
corten steel
marion-gaemers-weave-the-reef-love-the-reefWeave the Reef, Love the Reef  Marion Gaemers
collaborative work by the artist and the Townsville Community using rubbish to reveal a threat to the Great Barrier Reef
olga-cironis-montain-of-wordsMountain of Words Olga Cironis
performance using wooden loom, human hair, wool thread
mountain-of-words-by-olga-cironis-detaildetail of weaving
Olga is weaving each contribution of hair with deep love and connection to time and place
this work is travelling the world
olga-cironis-high-tide-2015High Tide Olga Cironis 2015
human hair and bell
spirit-of-placeSpirit of Place
Sculpture by the Sea

  1. coloremartine says:

    Very interesting art…………..

  2. grace says:

    thank you for these….

  3. Robyn Gordon says:

    Orest Keywan’s sculpture and the time worn rock are my favourites.

  4. Thanks for the images. I read online about damage from big seas. How awful for those artists whose work was damaged / destroyed.

    • Mo Crow says:

      The spirits of place certainly made a statement with those big waves on behalf of the planet!
      what will it take for us humans to take responsibility for the damage we are still wreaking & start cleaning up our collective act!?!

  5. Mo. These are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Wish I could see them in person but glad to have this virtual look.

  6. saskia says:

    lovely journey, ‘long day’s journey’ is my favourite

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