the exquisite point

Posted: July 27, 2016 by Mo Crow in gardening, It's Crow Time

AOP HeartRoses are one of my favorite plants, the perfume, the delicacy of the petals, the exquisite point of the thorns…
I healed this cracked engraved and slumped flashed glass heart with rose petals, a turquoise and a pair of swallow wings back in 2004
whilst gardening yesterday a rose thorn spiked my crown chakra
take-time-to-smell-the-roses-Mo16a perfectly dried Cecil Brunner rose from back in May
rosea left over from the Rose Book
movement copy   an old drawing from back in 2004 exploring ideas of Energy & Movement through the chakras
the crown chakra is where the light gets in
holding that rose thorn in my crown chakra for 3 hours helped let the light in…

  1. coloremartine says:

    Your certainly let the light in Mo…………….you make such beauties…………..

  2. The post brought me some ‘light’ from you two and though I would love to party down at the opening, I can not manage the flight fare, but I’m working on my wings so don’t be surprised if I fly in through a window or door. BIG LOVE to your chakras all.

  3. ravenandsparrow says:

    Ow. It looks like roses have been inspirational for years. I hope something grows from your thorn.

  4. mo is a rose herself

  5. margaret johnson says:

    OUCH!!! Roses are my favourite plants too, delicate but very tough. I still haven’t pruned my roses yet. It’s been freezing here, and I’ve been a wuss this winter! Card with RB rose is beautiful. ox

  6. fiberels says:

    Ohhhhh wonderful roses, Mo ! (so you’ll only “see” roses of light now)
    Beautiful chakra drawing !

    (awwww … had to cut down a lot of my New Dawn a few days ago
    due to blackspot … GRRRRRRRRRR!)

    • Mo Crow says:

      you have had a very humid hot summer this year? I just hand remove the worst of the black spot on the roses we look after, they are tough plants!

  7. handstories says:

    Exquisite is the perfect word for this post…I felt tingles of points of light just reading it. And regarding transporting…a long held dream…

  8. fiberels says:

    Thanks for your expert opinion Mo, hope on a
    “New Dawn” next year 😉

    b.t.w. THANKS for inviting ….. : “Mo, beam me up”

    • Mo Crow says:

      the fungicides for Black Spot are just too poisonous to inflict on the environment, we don’t use any toxic sprays in our gardening business so hand removal, improving cultural conditions and if all else fails removal of the diseased plant and replacing with something hardier

  9. Where the light gets in, indeed. It seems to me you are full of light, as is your beautiful work. The winged heart, the rosebud piece, and the Rose Book leftover are all so elegant. I also quite like your chakra illustration, so personal and yet so universal. Speaking of roses, have you seen the movie “A Little Chaos”? I think you might enjoy it. xox

  10. Carol says:

    Oh, Mo! Stunning post.

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