letting the dust settle

Posted: March 11, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

dust-storm-2009photo at dawn of the red dust storm in September 2009
have spent a few days renovating here in It’s Crow Time, will let the dust settle for a bit
there’s lots of changes in the navigation bar in the header now reflected in the sidebar
so come on in & have a look around
About us
Crows Arts & Magic 2011-16
Books and Cards
The Attic
Images of Elsewhere is the new links page
will be adding more words and images from our old websites in time

  1. Stephanie says:

    Mo, this is a stunning photograph. Anything that is dated September 2009 always arrests my attention. Our home burned to the ground (nothing but ashes and twisted metal) on September 4, 2009. The red air outside the window is both beautiful and eerie – how we interpret or reimagine what we see through the filter of our own experiences.

  2. It is indeed a phenomenal capture, this photo. Absolutely mesmerizing. And what looks like a figure kneeling . . .

  3. arlee says:

    i like the new lay-out–now i can find *you* more easily 😉

  4. Carol says:

    What a day that was, Mo! So beautiful to look at, but with an undercurrent of threat. A true force of nature. Your photograph is wonderful.

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