Crow T-Shirts are here!

Posted: February 25, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time

Mo-Crowthe Crow T-Shirts arrived this arvo
Crow-T-Shirtsin a big box
Old-Man-CrowOld Man Crow reckons “Aarrrk! AAaarrrrkk! AAAaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrk.k..k…!”

  1. dinahmow says:

    I love them! And you both look fantastic

  2. margaret johnson says:

    Back atcha Ol’ Man Crow!! ox

  3. Eliene says:

    LAarrkkking good guys. The image came out well.

  4. sue says:

    fantastic! can they be purchased online?

  5. Christina says:

    They’re Gorgeous. Would love one…can we buy them?

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks Christina, the crow t-shirts are for sale in sizes M, L, XL, XXL for $AUS25 + $AUS10 postage & handling anywhere overseas (or $AUS5 postage & handling inside Australia), will take better photos & put them in our Etsy shop this weekend!

  6. They look great . . . I’d buy one!

  7. These look great, Mo! Are they for sale?

  8. fiberels says:

    HA looking GOOD (both of you !!!
    (crow-feet hands 😉 ….)

  9. bronwyn says:

    Fantastic Mo!! I want at least one, will visit Etsy on the weekend

  10. Carol says:

    What a gorgeous couple you make! ((((Mo))))

  11. saskia says:

    ah, you both look soooo happy!

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