moving along with the Hands of Fate

Posted: January 22, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic

Hands-of-Fate-(palms)-Mo-2015-16Hands of Fate Mo 2015-2016
just added some special treasures that have been incubating for years… turquoise, moss agate, rosebuds and a fragment of the butterfly wing that represents transformation on the gardener’s hand with the cold fish healing heart, quail wishbone & rosebud from  the Shen Gourd and the shaft of an eagle’s flight feather fretworked by mortuary beetles back in 2013 for the dreaming hand.
Hands-of-Fate-(backs)-Mo-2015-16Now I need to find a fabulous old silk lined glove box or suitcase (650mm long x 310W is a strange size so will probably make one), they are getting very close to finished and will go in the Crow Show

  1. It’s exciting to see these beautiful works progressing.

  2. coloremartine says:

    Crow Show……………..cant wait to see your beauties!

    • Mo Crow says:

      with just over 7 months to go, the second proof of the book will be ready soon, the recordings are getting there & it’s nearly time to start thinking about T-shirts, cards and posters!

  3. love them, love the “idea” of them, how our hands differ and the butterfly wing…just
    astounding. wish i had the box you need

  4. “Hands of Fate” makes me think of a song…..wonder if there is one? yes. A Rolling Stone song about Bonnie and Clyde (but that didn’t seem right to me)…then i found this: “I can control my destiny, but not my fate. Destiny means there are opportunities to turn right or left, but fate is a one-way street. I believe we all have the choice as to whether we fulfil our destiny, but our fate is sealed.” –Paulo Coelho

  5. margaret johnson says:

    Gorgeous Mo, do you have any old silk?

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Marg, I have some very old white silk, the fellow at Drunk on the Moon has a 1920’s steamer trunk tray that may well work perfectly, it’s covered in a striped cloth but can’t see it properly ’til he moves the storeroom around in the next few days, it’s buried!

  6. handstories says:

    very happy to see these again, just love the tiny blue buds & now more with treasures from your stash of wonders.

  7. deemallon says:

    what’s the size in inches? just in case I see something? these are wonderful, wish I could see them up close given your artistry in make such tiny knots and stitches…

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hey thanks for the offer Dee, it’s OK the good man at Drunk on the Moon is onto it, the tray from the steamer trunk will work perfectly once it’s unburied. Besides the postage from there to here and here to there is getting prohibitively expensive especially for biggish things – 650mm x 310mm is 25 & 1/2 inches x 12 & 1/4 inches, bigger than most serving trays and glove boxes

      • deemallon says:

        Glad you have a good source. And yes. Postage is ridiculous. It’s why my son in Montreal never gets care packages!

  8. Shit Mo, my mother had these boxes , velvet, we gave them to a opshop …..

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Yvette))) these gloves are much longer with their extensions on the fingertips than standard evening gloves and I am adding boar bristle lightning bolts to the dreaming hands!

  9. Carol says:

    The gloves are superb, Mo! Such a treasure… And the butterfly wing is magical.

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