Banksia integrifolia

Posted: January 4, 2016 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Banksia-seed pod-variations-Mo-15immature seed pod of Banksia integrifolia scanned and then stitched in Photoshop
banksia-pod-and-seeds-sketchthe seeds are wonderfully woody with lips and wings
xmascard Mo2003old sketches from 1994 photoshopped for the xmas card in 2003
jacket-repair16ongoing mending of  the good old jacket
it will become lace one day

  1. A lovely start to a new book . . . and what a lovely sound has Banksia integrifolia . . . it rolls comfortably around the mouth until it falls out.

    By the way, when sandwiched and steamed, the older Banksia leaves make a lovely impression on watercolour paper.

  2. vdbolyard says:

    mo–we do what we do best…i remember being a natural dyer int eh world of bright procion dyes…it’s all about doing what compels and interests us, indeed, what demands that we make it.

    • Mo Crow says:

      you got it Velma, there was a crazy few months in the late 90’s when I thought I should be a mosaic artist just because my name is Mo & oh ha! I carefully cut about 2000 1 mm x 1mm pieces of coloured glass for a micro mosaic that was one of the most truly ugly things I have ever made (up there with the slumped glass and lampworked copper foiled life size blue water lily that a friend who loves kitsch took off my hands) and I was evicted from the hot glass studio at art school, the hot glass teacher said, “Mo, any glass you need blown just let me do it but get out now!”

  3. vdbolyard says:

    geesh, i forgot to write how much i like that first drawing!

  4. ravenandsparrow says:

    Australia has the most amazing plants and you draw them so exquisitely.

  5. margaret johnson says:

    Beautiful Mo, LOVE Banksia’s. ox

  6. deemallon says:

    your affinity for the seeds, pods, and flowers and stalks in nature must be inborn, it flows so naturally from your pen and with such loveliness… but I think your sense of what you wish to DO with them comes with the wisdom (and hilarious refusals to do what doesn’t suit) of age. Comments almost better than post with this one!!

  7. fiona says:

    I love your drawings and that image too Mo – and we all do need to find what we do well; and let others do what they do exquisitely!

    • Mo Crow says:

      Oh Fiona, so true I had a go at studying calligraphy with David Wood in the mid 80’s, he was a great teacher, very gentle and kind but I was so bad at it, my excuse is I am left handed in a right handed tradition and dropped out after a month of total frustration!

  8. Mo, it makes me and mosaic, you and glasblowing…..lacy Mo, tender Mo, refined Mo…yes

  9. handstories says:

    the pod & drawing are both fascinating. & the evolution into lace is so very wonderful & ghostly.

  10. mutabilia says:

    reading all the comments has been hilarious. and i like the notion of scenting a book with handcream!

  11. arlee says:

    I’ve just bought several of these from the fffFlower mines where i work–they are fantastic! Full of “talk-talk” with those wonderful plant “lips” 🙂

  12. Carol says:

    Beautiful drawing, Mo, of our beautiful banksia. And I do love the way you mend. Magic being made.

    • Mo Crow says:

      We planted the banksua right outside the kitchen door but had to cut it back from the gutter, it’s 7 years old and happy as Larry & the neverending story of a good old jacket is turning into a beautiful thing!

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