Just Going with Jude Hill

Posted: October 27, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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3-left-over-hearts-and-letting-go-of-fear-by-Jude-Hill“Three Left Over Hearts Mended” is delighted to be reunited with “Letting Go of Fear” by Jude Hill of Spirit Cloth
Jude is such a generous artist, she shares her process of just going through all the thicks and thins of life with deep heart, incisive thought and a wry sense of humour. Terri Windling introduced me to Jude’s blog with these words back in November 2010

“Spirit Cloth is a meditation on the process of making art and of living an artist’s life — expressed sometimes through the medium of words, and sometimes by letting images, shapes, textures, colors, and qualities of sun- and moonlight tell the tale. This is a prime example of how blogging can be an art form in itself…and Jude makes it look effortless.”

Jude has developed a special space in the web of light,  a place where she just keeps going, making connections, redefining and honing her thoughts on process and stitch with keen observations and deep insight. I love how even with a hurricane blowing and no power for days and days she just stitched through it all,  saying “how all the things you dream and think about end up there somehow”. Jude bravely stitched her heart into the open with her “Letting Go of Fear” cloth whilst her mother was transitioning and passed away on the Summer Solstice in 2013.
cloth-conversation-by-Jude-HillI love the stitched open safety pin at the edge of darkness
safety-pin-by-Jude-Hillthe dot of red in the corner of the eye
integrating-the-edgeintegrating the edges working with the ways the dark speaks with the light
facing-it-by-Jude-Hillfacing it, the moon’s dark face was stitched slowly and carefully with a single strand of thread the day before her Mom passed
every inch of this cloth tells the story of how things change, it started out as “Flow”, moved into “Transition”, became a “Letting Go of Fear” & “One Thing Into Another”
I am deeply honoured to have this cloth in my life, thank you Jude!
PS many hours later it’s the Full Moon in Taurus
taking the ladder to the moon… ahroo!

  1. Valerianna says:

    Great that you have this cloth, Mo! I have a lovely beastie from Jude hanging in my studio which I love dearly.

  2. Michelle says:

    Her work is so beautiful. So full of soul and self.

  3. coloremartine says:

    Going with Jude………..me too……..for years…………

  4. Honoured indeed . . . I feel honoured just finding her blog and to be in her online world. Her generosity in all ways is so special.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Jude’s idea of sympathetic evolution is real, I feel a lot stronger and more sure of myself as an artist & human being with listening and watching Jude’s process over the last 5 years, holding her stitched cloths, the wonderful detail, the way the cloth feels… magic!

  5. Christina says:

    Beautiful piece…living and dying through art, thanks for sharing, Mo.
    Jude Hill is such a generous and open hearted artist.

  6. Christina says:

    …and so are you!

  7. kathydorfer says:

    these are awesome mo ! jude brought me back to textiles … i thought that door was closed , she reopened it for me . was thinking about you yesterday when i was working on my torch .

  8. Beautiful post Mo and exquisite work, Jude among others has helped me so much to find my way.

  9. jude says:

    I love that I can be there with you in some way by sharing cloth.

  10. ravenandsparrow says:

    Jude’s cloths have found a perfect home with you, Mo. I am so glad you have them. Spirit Cloth has been such a nexus of inspiration and connection for me…that’s how I met you! We are all blessed by Jude and by each other.

  11. tovke says:


  12. handstories says:

    What a beautiful tribute to jude & your way of seeing & keeping hold of intentions. I love that you have this cloth, one of her very deepest.

  13. Carol says:

    Wonderful post, Mo, and the most beautiful work by Jude. Moving and magical.

  14. vdbolyard says:

    jude is a miracle. and a friend. another miracle. her cloths here always evoke comments from visitors.

  15. margaret johnson says:

    Gorgeous Mo, and you are the perfect magical artist, to have the cloth in your possession!! I always loved this cloth too, and imagined it was reflections in a bubble. ox

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