building the excitement!

Posted: June 8, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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OMC-Invitation-September-2016-webfrom 3pm
September 4th, 2016
the exhibition will continue til September 25th, 2016
it’s more than a year away but the time will fly!
here’s a link to The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow

  1. bronwyn says:

    great layout Mo, we’ll be there!

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks Bronwyn, woke up at 2am with this poster in the dream, playing with reducing it for the fridge magnets that will go in the xmas card mail out

  2. jane b (epocktextiles) says:

    oh wow, keep us updated

  3. Eliene says:

    For this book launch, one of us is definitely going to be there…….How exciting!!

  4. So exciting! Yes, time will fly as crows do.

  5. margaret johnson says:

    Awesome, you two! ox

    • Mo Crow says:

      some days it all gets almost too exciting but then I just do the next thing that needs to be done, this week is double checking and binding all the pages of the final draft and start making the leather covers!

  6. karmadondruplhamo says:

    i’m imagining myself wearing my Tshirt…..
    a HUGE accomplishment of long love….so GREAT!

  7. Marti says:

    Jaunty crow on that poster, see Old Man Crow in this great poster and I’m already dancing half way around the world in anticipation…what a celebration and on Sept. 4th, 2016, my spirit will be with you all as you celebrate this amazing collaboration.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks Marti it’s such a buzz, this morning have just started going through & cropping each of the printouts to size for binding the final draft, making sure nothing is printed upside down or back to front, it feels amazing!

  8. Wow! Look how far you have come; you must be so excited!

  9. handstories says:

    Oh, hooray! I’ll be partying in spirit way yonder over here…

  10. coloremartine says:

    How i love your drawings Mo and especially this one. You must have beautiful dreams……..
    If you listen carefully you might even hear little wings coming your way.

  11. fiberels says:

    Your illustrations for the songs are so special, I think there
    will be lots of visitors who will enjoy seeing all the originals
    up close !

    (the textile exhibit was soooo good …. and the work of Ying
    Chew was really one of our favourites ! Such craftmanship,
    so delicate …. really amazing ! sorry Mo, didn;t find an email
    address …)

  12. Carol says:

    So excited for you and Rod, Mo! I have the 4th in my diary already.

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