say it with flowers

Posted: May 13, 2015 by Mo Crow in friends, It's Crow Time

flowers-Mo-15saying it with flowers today for a friends birthday
and these wonderful lichens are mine!
lichensfrom the flower markets at 5am to score the good dealsflower-market

  1. Carol says:

    I grew up going to the flower markets with my dad, getting up at 3, setting up at 4 am to be ready when the gates opened. Wonderful memories of the noise, the smells, the shouts of the vendors, the flowers, the crazy characters who inhabited the markets in those far off days. Love your flowers and lichens.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Ah, your Dad grew flowers, no wonder you have such a beautiful garden! it’s still a wild scene getting to the market from the station, dodging whirling forklifts, trolleys and trucks in the dark and then all the amazing colour, scent and all the people jostling & doing deals to get the best of the bunches.

      • Carol says:

        Oh, I can relive it all, just reading your words. Such a wonderful life, and such a gentle way to grow up. I know how lucky I am, and even better, my dad was still flower farming when my kids were growing up, so they have those memories too.

  2. Love the unlikely combinations Mo.

  3. karen says:

    I do love the unusual arrangement Mo. I call 5 am shopping very dedicated… swaddling band now forms part of a rather beautiful collection of mounted works, stitch and art work….It recently travelled to London with me and was well received….

  4. Dotti says:

    Nice one MO, glad you did the market!

  5. i recall going to market with my grandma in vancouver (bc ) as a child, and loving it. so full of life and authentic goods. so different from the shopping malls that came after. glad you shared and called up the memory. love the bday bouquet . and the lichen.

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