Posted: April 19, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, knots and nests
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mending-the-very-good-jacketwhilst mending the never ending story of a very good jacket this face appeared and I recognized it in this shell! mending-detailour old lady of a house needed a little mending too mended-wall-detailthe wall out the front was getting a bit too dangerous so we tied it together with some string & filled the cracks mended-wall I made a new shell and string curtain to replace the last one which was nicked one dark and starless night… this one tangles easily in the wind but as I gently tease out the strands
I recite Henrietta of Thread Reading‘s wise mom’s words
“never cut a knot, always untie it. If you can’t figure out how to untie a knot,
you’ll never figure out how to solve your problems.”
I had always cut knots out before… you can see more of Henrietta’s inspiring stitching here

  1. dinahmow says:

    When I was a little un, Dad told me that sailors never cut knots.He explained that ropes were the life blood of sailing ships and had to be kept.
    That brick wall does look worrying! 🙂

    • Mo Crow says:

      patience is getting easier with age Di and yes the brick wall… I want to demolish it but our friend Richard said it’s doing a pretty good job on it’s own! we have a house inspection coming up at the end of the month with the new real estate agent, will ask for permission to knock it down & build a new fence out of sticks and string!

  2. fiberels says:

    Uhhhhhhm … Mo, I think mending cloth is a lot simpler than mending stone walls !

    (ha, better a piece of naked body than a stone on your head !!!)

  3. Lovely mending, lovely curtain, lovely catching up after a week in Whanganui with Fibre Arts New Zealand. (Can you weight the ends of the strands Mo?)

  4. lovely mending, if you weight your curtain with holey stones you will be protecting the house at the same time.

  5. handstories says:

    Your mending & connection are so cool & love the curtain & hope it will be left alone this time. I made a big box of paper beads to be turned into a curtain someday (it’s been waiting 20yrs…poor things)

    • Mo Crow says:

      I hope you you will find the have to string them all together one day Cindy, one of the most beautiful curtains I have ever seen is a pale rainbow made of 7 x 8″ wide 6 & 1/2 foot strips of dyed silk organza folded over the rail to make a 6″ pelmet like edge, simply stunning

  6. Everything hangs by a thread. Nothing seems permanent. I love your noble efforts in behalf of the beloved jacket, the disintegrating wall, the love of life and living your works affirm. Love to you.

  7. beth says:

    Ah, the interconnecting threads of mending. And what bad mojo to nick your curtain!

    • Mo Crow says:

      I was sad but it was fun to make this new one and brought the focus onto how precarious that wall is getting! x fingers the real estate will allow us to knock the walls down to half high, would like to leave the section of wrought iron in place and let the bougainvillea form the archway

  8. Liz says:

    Love this mended jacket … one of the first things to grab my eye and my imagination whilst Considering Weave

  9. Carol says:

    Your mending is just perfect, Mo, and it’s obvious that Old Man Crow loves his jacket. It really is becoming a work of art! Good luck with the wall; I hope you get what you want with it. The arch of bougainvillea sounds lovely. I hope who ever nicked your shell curtain has the odd moment of guilt but your new curtain is beautiful and renewal is good!

    • Mo Crow says:

      I feel like just knocking that wall down this week before the inspection next Tuesday but Old Man Crow says no way, we don’t own it and can’t just do whatever we like even though the landlady does absolutely no maintenance… that is why the rent is affordable and we can still live in this interesting but getting gentrified at a rate of knots part of town!

  10. fiona says:

    I love that mending Mo – what a gorgeous history – and functional too. Best wishes for the wall-mending as well!

  11. Julie Banks says:

    Love your work on the jacket and wonderful attitude to life, Mo. Hope your wall mending goes well, it looks as if it should be demolished!

  12. Judy Martin says:

    thank you to the link to Henrietta’s stitching.
    And also – I agree about your attitude to life itself. Your blog is uplifting – I’ve been catching up on old posts.

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