North Sydney Art Prize

Posted: March 18, 2015 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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coal-loader-textThe Coal Loader Centre for Sustainability is a great repurposing of the old Coal Loader Wharf
old coal loader wharfand a fantastic space for the annual North Sydney Art Prize
Ingrid-Morley-Lost-ansd-FoundIngrid Morley ‘Lost and Found’
won the Major Open Award
Materials : industrial sisal, wood & steel
Ingrid-Morley-Lost-and-Found-2her site specific work spoke with a deep sense of longing
Angela-van-Boxtel-L(attitude)Angela van Boxtel L(attitude)
lace like patterns crocheted from plastic shopping bags around fitness balls
Wendy-Black-The-Lost-Lace-MonitorWendy Black ‘ Varius – The Lost Lace Monitor’
bird wire, paint and poly string
her life size goanna has real presence
Bronwyn-Berman-You-and-I-have-Floated-on-the-StreamBronwyn Berman “You and I have Floated on the Stream’
paper contact printed with plant material from the Nepean & Lachlan Rivers, Casuarina (River She Oak) roots, linen thread dancing with the light
(you can see more photos of this work here )
Chris-Hutch-Indigo-and-RustChris Hutch ‘Indigo & Rust’
artist book of handmade & found papers, indigo dye, rust solution,  found objects, silk wool and cotton hand dyed threads
Jane-Theau-Light-PerceptionJane Théau ‘ Light Perception’
old spectacles and light
Jane-Theau-Light-Perceptiondetail of Jane’s homage to spectacles
Lighting-Instructions lighting instructions in one of the old buildings speaking of different times
countrya beautiful rock carving by the First People who have lived here for thousands of years

  1. Fabulous, just fabulous! I was really interested in Bronwyn Berman’s work shown here . . . thanks for taking the time to post these images for us poor people who live in far flung places and can’t get to see them.

  2. Patricia says:

    learned a lot just studying the pics–i feel so much more familiar with Australia now–after readying your blog for i don’t know how long. anyway, interesting to note the commonalities and differences. can see why you love it so.

    • Mo Crow says:

      it’s such a beautiful city perched on ancient sandstone at the edge of the ocean, the spirits of place are strong when we just take the time to look

  3. Carol says:

    What a great place for a great exhibition, Mo! So many favourites of course, but always wonderful to see Bronwyn’s work, and I do love the tribute to spectacles. Hoping to get to Newtown late next week, will be in touch.

  4. Elizabeth van Ekert says:

    hi Mo

    I went yesterday with a friend. Loved the whole place. I grew up around there and used to climb out on that coal loader as a naughty child. It was so derelict and unloved for many years.
    I loved how they have revived and treasured the old relics of our past and have celebrated it with this delightful exhibition.

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