A Life of Crime

Posted: January 25, 2015 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, music
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Life-of-Crime-web-Mo15A Life of Crime © 1976 Rod Morgan (aka Old Man Crow) illustration by Mo 2011
click on the link above to listen to the song and the pic to see more detail
the-red-heart-of-A-Life-of-Crime-Mo-15the red heart
editing in progress 2015
crow drawings 2011 – 2014
Old Man Crow’s recordings

  1. Liz says:

    I’ve been mulling my past work life so this one really hit home … the clockwork on the left is diabolically intricate, terrible in its seductive beauty

  2. margaret johnson says:

    All that glorious detail is what I LOVE about your work Mo, And Rod’s words!! Seem’s like you are charging ahead, but I know you put many hours into each one, Will each page be a large single one? BTW is Rod still writing songs? It’s been great seeing all this happening! marg, ox

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks for the good words Margaret! Each song is drawn on a big 560 x 760 mm sheet of thick watercolour paper scanned in 8 passes then stitched together on the computer (this can take a while depending on the complexity to match all the pixels) then the layers are merged, the height reduced to 12″ (30.48cms) and the canvas size extended to 24″(60.96cm) then the text is added to make a print ready 12″x 24″ double page spread, some are easier to get right than others and the process is getting easier with repetition. Am printing the prototype book on A3 160gsm matte double sided inkjet paper which I will handbind into a leather hard cover reminiscent of a 12″ vinyl LP cover as the prototype to take to the printer. Rod does have more songs in the pipeline and there are quite a few old songs from last century that were of their time and don’t need to be resurrected now, the cut off point for this first volume is the Spring Equinox in September, at this stage there is 38 songs, there is another two that are very close to being songs but they may well have to go in Volume 2!

  3. Just plain WOW!!! Just shared this on my FB timeline. It’s a gem Rod and Mo

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for the good words and encouragement Michelle, y’know I wanted to illustrate this song ever since I first heard it back in ’76, finally got ’round to it 35 years later!

  4. Carol says:

    Really magnificent, Mo! I love the steam punk notions and Old Man Crow is just amazing.

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