Alchemy and Indigo (Part One)

Posted: January 11, 2015 by Mo Crow in magic
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indigo-varietiesThe Bower Bird Blues workshop with India Flint and Roz Hawker held everything I had hoped for and so much more
amulets-New-Guineau-and-Roza collection of wooden amulets from New Guinea with silver amulets made by Roz
firstdayOur host Tarla Elward grew a variety of indigo producing plants to experiment with
On the first day we tried some fresh leaf bundling and cold metal working techniques
fresh-leaf-bundleI didn’t bind my leaf bundle tightly enough to make an impression
serious-foodTarla cooked up seriously beautiful morning teas and lunches each day from her garden
indigo-alchemy while India cooked up a jar of indigo
process starting to make it’s magic
indigo handsIndia’s beautful blue hands rinsing the first indigo dipped cloth in cold water
indigo flowersTarla’s big vat made from her home grown Japanese indigo
India gently gathering the “flowers”
indigoTarla showing us the rich deep indigo “mud” before it goes into the vat
blueA beautiful quote from “A Field Guide to getting Lost” by Rebecca Solnit
(link to Part Two here)

  1. I’m turning green . . . and a wee bit blue.

  2. Carol says:

    Oh, those blue hands! Just a teensy bit envious, Mo! Now for Part 2.

  3. Penny says:

    So lucky to be able to do this workshop.

  4. how lucky we are to be able to experience this through your eyes mo. thank -you.

  5. mazzaus says:

    Thanks for sharing the workshop with we who could not be there, Mo!

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