One Blue Thing !

Posted: January 6, 2015 by Mo Crow in 2018 crow time, It's Crow Time
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bluesHere’s some of the Blue Things gathered from around the house…
trying to decide on just one blue thing to take along  for Roz Hawker and India Flint’s Bower Bird Blues Workshop this weekend. Roz and India sent a note back in October asking us to bring along our favourite tools for writing, drawing & stitching, a camera, a coffee mug, a hat
“your own very special blue item (only one now), just one blue item about which  you may wish to share a story …”
Only One?
The Blues run like a deep river through my life…. how can I possibly choose just one?
Blue TrianglesBlue CatsBlue MoonsBlue Books…  Blue Talismans….  Out of the Blue
this is the sort of dilemma I enjoy!

  1. jstockler says:

    put them all in the blue bag?

    • Mo Crow says:

      good idea Julie and I thought about it but with the emphasis through repetition 3 times in the one sentence they really are asking to narrow it down to just the one!

  2. dinahmow says:

    I seem to have the blues lately, too!The good blues…the Coral Sea,ultramarine,sapphire and Billie Holliday!
    Mo, I found a fascinator in a cupboard and wondered if you’d like to use it? Black feathers.

  3. i am so envious you are going. have a great time and tell us all when you return.

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Linda))) the whole trip away, the flying & staying in a beautiful B&B with Old Man Crow (a friend is looking after Ariel for the three days and two nights, x fingers he’ll cope… we don’t like to leave him on his own as he is 15 and really doesn’t enjoy change!) and the inspiration of just playing with blue with Roz and India is such an exciting way to begin the year!

  4. fiberels says:

    Ohhhh so many lovely “blues” to choose from !!! (only one ???)

    Have a wonderful trip Mo !!!

    I will be looking for the results of this workshop ;-))

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks Els, have been slowly putting things away today whilst cleaning the house and taking down all the xmas decorations and cards, am down to just three blue things & will know which one to take by Friday morning. It’s a good thing because the Bower Bird Blues is all about the magic Roz and India are going to pull out of their bags!

  5. yes, THAT is a fabulous dilemma indeed !
    Have an entirely glorious adventure, Mo … cuz I’m sure that’s exactly what it will be ;>]]

  6. kathydorfer says:

    well i am blue i can’t go with you …. take me ! it would be hard to choose . it will be interesting to see if everyone only brings one blue thing . i can’t wait to see photos of this workshop . maybe they will bring it to the states . ( :

  7. Liz says:

    Oh what a wonderful problem to have … just one? Really? I’d vote for the turquoise cat … but surely you’d have to bring it in a bag 😉

    • Mo Crow says:

      hehe! I love the turquoise cat but he will be staying home helping Ariel with the protecting of hearth and home… am still very undecided… the pocket for the moon was made from a hand woven piece of indigo dyed cloth from Jude Hill that I stitched all the way to North Carolina and back again in August is the perfect fit for my digital camera and has a lot of story in it… but on the other hand…

  8. I love Blue Cancer and now I’m giving a wistful, and a somewhat envious sigh . . . please don’t judge my envy.

  9. deanna7trees says:

    sounds like fun. i’d pick the one that has the most unusual story.

  10. i would take the one blue thing that i love the very most .say you were only allowed to keep one of those things…what would it be ? … take that. have a wonderful time mo and then please tell us All about it.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks Linda I have it down to three blue things and that one thing is the … hmmm… it will be whatever comes along at 5:30 am as we’re out the door on Friday

  11. grace says:

    this is so great to wonder about…which you will choose….and to anticipate
    hearing it all from your own experience…Happiness, thinking about it…Love to you

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Grace, just having my first cup of coffee and looking at the 3 blue things left on the table, the pressure set blue glass and steel ring by Majella Beck is beautiful but wearing rings to a workshop may be asking to lose it, the Out of the Blue book collaboration with Trace Willans is a work in progress which doesn’t need to be shown ’til it’s finished so Hooray! I feel good that it will be the sapphire, kyanite and barnacle shell necklace that came together out of the blue when my Virgo friend Julie gave me the pale blue sapphire (which she had been gifted in Ceylon back in 1977) to take along for the Bower Bird Blues workshop to make a “proper”piece of jewellery. I wrote to Roz to see if we would be doing bezel settings (which I haven’t done since the early 90’s) and she said not likely so I invented a different way to set the stone with fretworked silver & stitched silk steel. It has story, a quiet gentle power and scope for exploring a new direction in making.

  12. handstories says:

    Oh, blue! I don’t know how I would ever choose one blue…(assuming that bringing my oldest child along wouldn’t be an option!) So looking forward to hearing all the details of your weekend! Have an amazing magical blue time.

  13. Marti says:

    One more day Mo and then off to the blue…your sharing of this wonderful experience with Roz and India will be so looked forward to. For me, blue has not been all that front and center in my life, it’s all about green and Jade but I’m also a Virgo and for many years wore the blue sapphire that my parents gave me for my 10th birthday. Your choice of your friend’s stone to take with you holds magic and most importantly, the essence of friendship and creativity…what a terrific way to begin 2015.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks Marti it’s exciting it’s 1am on Friday here in the Land Down Under and I am going to try to get a few more hours sleep before flying out!

  14. Valerianna says:

    Sounds inspiring… have a great time!

  15. Carol says:

    The necklace sounds to be a wonderful choice, Mo, amongst truly magical blues. Have a most wondrous workshop, enjoy to the max, and come home to tell us all about it!

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