‘PUNK’ by Junko Oki just arrived!

Posted: December 9, 2014 by Mo Crow in good books, It's Crow Time
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Junko-Oki-Punk-2014I am a huge fan of Junko Oki’s artful stitching & her new book ‘PUNK’ is a treasure!
Punkinside the slip cover is a beautifully produced book of Junko’s work to date
Here’s the Preface for ‘PUNK’
“In this book, there are 115 short narratives attached to each of the works included in this collection. As I wrote the narratives, I looked attentively at the photos I took of my works and went on a trip deep inside my conscious mind. Collectively, the works were none other than a reflection of me, maybe even embarrassingly so. I desired to expose myself even more through my works; I wanted to be true to myself. What else matters? That is the one thing I know that I am good at. I remember the faces of people who have crossed my path.
Will you keep watching me through my journey?”
Winter 2014 by Junko Oki
I will certainly keep watching Junko’s journey, she is such an inspiring artist on so many levels.
I hope to see her work in real life one day!
Below are a few of the wonderful images Junko has shared in her book
Privacy-2014-Junko-Oki‘Privacy’ 2014 by Junko Oki
Work-in-Progress-2012-Junko-Oki‘Work in Progress’ 2012 by Junko Oki
Cats-2013-Junko-Oki‘Cats’ 2013 by Junko Oki ( loves cats too!)
To-Add-(close-up)-2012‘To Add (close-up)’ 2012 by Junko Oki
I don’t feel right typing out the short narratives that go with each of these works as there is an intimacy to them that needs to be read in the book not online
Here’s the links to  Junko’s website with direct links to where you can buy this rare treasure of a book
I used Google Translate to translate the information from Japanese to English & it worked fine!
PS Junko has made it easy for us non Japanese speaking folk
Here’s a link to an interview with Junko about the book and her process in English
& a link to the Cow Books webshop with a buy button for her book also in English

  1. saskia says:

    yikes, I had only said to self: no more books for a year, and now you go and show me this one……Mo, I do believe I have to make an exception to my self-imposed denial and order [PUNK]

    • Mo Crow says:

      oh you have to have this book Saskia give it to yourself for a xmas present (that’s what I did!)
      PS just finished reading “The Love Song Of Queenie Hennessey” last night, an achingly beautiful book but oh it makes me miss the two beautiful girl friends who left the planet this year that I will never get to see again!

  2. Jane B (epocktextiles) says:

    you are much cleverer than me, Mo. I couldn’t manage to work out the ordering. looks wonderful

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Jane,
      I preordered the book a few weeks ago through amazon.co.jp by translating the pages with google translate & it worked fine. Also Junko’s publishing company Cow Books have set up a shopping cart page for her PUNK book in English here’s the link

      • Jane B (epocktextiles) says:

        done it now – through cow books. the freedom of her stitch is amazing – how she can seemingly “just stitch” and its right. I only recently started looking at her work.

  3. Robyn says:

    Ooooo, this looks like a delicious book!The work in progress is particularly inspiring.

  4. deanna7trees says:

    looks wonderful.

  5. Oh. I just love her work! I want to order this now…

  6. fiberels says:

    Ahhhh YES I “know” her too !!!!! What a BEAUTIFUL treat that book is ! (thanks 😉 !)

  7. i followed your link to her site and Loved her words and photos and how this book she hopes appeals to any who “have a spark of passion in their hearts ” . oh my goodness going to have to order this treasure , along with yourself and the fellows above. i too felt i could manage the financial transaction, but now i see you have another link above, thank you so much, i will give that a try next.husband never knows what to get me…well…. merry christmas to me : )

  8. woops. meant to say i could Not manage to understand the $ transaction in above comment but will try with your new link.

  9. deemallon says:

    I’ve already ordered myself five books for Christmas. I wonder if I can allow one more?! As usual, I appreciate the quality work that you bring to us!

  10. Thanks for the advance look. I can’t wait to see my very own copy. It’s on the way, my annual Christnas present to myself.

  11. Carol says:

    I enjoyed the interview, Mo, Junko sounds like a fascinating person. Thanks for introducing another wonderful artist.

  12. velma bolyard says:

    don’t you love how it’s wrapped? yes, i think that junko is particularly interesting, sometimes it sounds like her stitches just “appear”. i love that. and i was pretty excited to see that she was more “mature” than i had thought! i was so happy with it, it continue to open it and be amazed.

  13. Heather says:

    Wow, beautiful and inspiring work. l already have given myself several Christmas presents but maybe Santa can be convinced that I have been an especially good girl this year.

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