a preview for the Collector’s Choice exhibition at Artsite Gallery

Posted: November 24, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions, It's Crow Time
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Sea-Dreaming-detail-Mo2014‘Sea Dreaming’ by Mo 2014
Sea-Dreaming-Mo2014a talisman for edge walking
L 36cm W 1.3cm
larimar, moss agate, howlite, sea glass, vintage clay beads from Africa & Peru, silk wrapped stainless steel, hand plyed raw linen & hemp cord
Path-of-Heart-detail-Mo-2014‘Path of Heart (handle with care)’ by Mo 2014
Path-of-Heart-Mo-2014a talisman for returning to the heart of the matter
L 41 cm W 11cm
quartz crystal, turquoise, lapis lazuli, agate, red seed, rainbow lorikeet feathers, grape vine tendril, vintage glass “chakra” beads from Africa, vintage ceramic beads from Peru, vintage Silkworm thread, silk wrapped stainless steel, a piece of hand twined ochre dyed string from the String Theory exhibition of Aboriginal fibre artists at the MCA in 2013
Rolling-In-The-Deep-Blue-detail-Mo2014-copy‘Rolling in the Deep (Blue)’ by Mo 2014
Rolling-In-The-Deep-Blue-Mo2014a talisman for the deep blue days
L 29cm W 1.5cm
azurite, lapis lazuli, vintage glass beads from Africa, indigo dyed silk cord & sericin silk fibre
The-Traveller-detail-Mo2014‘The Traveller’ by Mo 2014
The-Traveller-Mo-2014a talisman for good luck in travelling
L 34 cm W 2.2cm
vintage turquoise disc, turquoise & red glass beads, waxed linen and vintage silkworm thread
Bare-Bones-detail-Mo-2014‘The Bare Bones’ by Mo 2014
Bare-Bones-Mo-2014a talisman for stripping back the excess down to the bare bones
L 20cm W 2.5cm
coral, vintage button, shells, bone, wood, glass & pearl beads, hand plyed raw linen string and waxed linen thread
Can't-See-the-Forest-for-the-Trees-detail_Mo2014‘Can’t See the Forest for the Trees’ by Mo 2014
Cant-See-the-Forest-for-the-Trees_Mo2014a talisman for seeking clarity
L 28cm W 3cm
moss agate, grape vine and passionfruit vine tendrils, gum nuts, brass, glass, bone and clay beads from Africa, silk wrapped stainless steel, knotted, plyed & waxed linen threads
(reserved for Bronwyn Berman)
Make-A-Wish-detail-Mo-2014‘Make a Wish’ by Mo 2014
Make-a-Wish-Mo2014a talisman for making a wish
L 24.5cm W 9cm
moss agate, wishbones, passionfruit vine tendrils, amazonite, howlite, clay, bone & glass beads, silk wrapped stainless steel & waxed linen threads, finished with lightning putting cracks in the sky
Crow-Eye-Amulet-detail-Mo2014‘Crow Eye Amulet’ by Mo 2014
Crow-Eye-Amulet-Mo2014an amulet for protection
“Who says art has no function! If it must look in, let it protect it’s own illusion…” quote from my friend Wayne Snowdon 2004
L 42cm W 7cm
glass crow eye and black feather beads flameworked by the glass artist Kathy Dorfer (USA) Dalmatian Jasper, jet, bone & clay beads, grape vine, Silver Sebright bantam feather, eel skin, bat claws, B&W linen threads and cords

for any enquiries about this work please contact Artsite Gallery
The Collector’s Choice exhibition opens Sunday November 30th 3-5pm
Hope to see you there!

  1. Liz says:

    Beautiful photography … wish I could see them in person, but this is the next best thing

  2. Exquisite work, all of them but especially taken by bare bones. Love these bleached and nature washed shades, I have been working with similiar colours over a long time.
    Also really enjoyed your last post, fantastic work.
    My friends and I are still following on the debate about using rust and how it degrades, and whether it matters, would be interesting to see what happens with the works on show here.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks for the good words Debbie! I really enjoyed seeing Anthea & Peri’s work consciously dealing with the concepts of decay & deterioration, it will be fascinating to see what happens to the work with time

  3. Marti says:

    To see these talismans as you created each one Mo was very inspiring. Now to see them all gathered here is to see a journey of vision and spirit and incredible artistry. I know that all who see them in person will feel the special quality that leaps off the screen here. Bronwyn has chosen my favorite, your clarity talisman, Can’t See the Forest for the Trees and my other favorite is the first one portrayed, the edge walker, Sea Dreaming.

  4. beth says:

    It was fun watching these as they emerged from your fingers but how lovely to see them here all together. I love the attached intentions–they practically quiver with them.

  5. deanna7trees says:


  6. Jane B (epocktextiles) says:

    I think I may have to pop over to see them! See you then

  7. peritob says:

    Such intricacy and beauty. I really love the blue ones.

  8. Carol says:

    Such a delight to see them altogether Mo! I won’t be able to get to the opening but will certainly get to the gallery in the next couple of weeks. So looking forward to this exhibition, and a visit to a few other galleries.

  9. Dana says:

    Me too! Me too! I love the collection of talismans together. Their power is increased by each other’s company. That said, I especially like Make a Wish. My wish for you is for a highly successful and well-attended show.

  10. Susan C says:

    so beautiful, Mo.

  11. handstories says:

    It’s not possible to pick a favorite!

  12. all so lovely mo. congratulations on having this work in the gallery. my heart is still most taken with the sea dreaming talisman , just love it

  13. velma bolyard says:

    gorgeous indeed.

  14. I wish I could see you there! This is really the finest series of work i have seen in a long time, Mo. Each one is fantastic, exquisitely crafted beauty on its own, but together, these blow me away!

  15. grace says:

    so, tomorrow. I would LOVE to see how they are presented…see them in the company of
    themSelves…just makes me get a big happy grin. I know it will go well and you will love
    talking to people about them….the nervousness will disappear. I await the news of the
    opening. BIG LOVE,

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks Grace, the preview was yesterday, Madeleine (owner of Artsite Gallery) did such a terrific job setting them up, will get a decent photo this arvo before it gets too crowded x fingers, just have to chill this morning & try to get a bit cool calm & collected… Oh Ha! I am way too excited!~

  16. These are amazing! Your work always feels like something that a shaman called up straight out of the earth into being. Each one carrying a different medicine is just waiting to be found by the person that is meant to wear it. I can’t tell you how much I admire the authenticity and sacredness of your work.

  17. rolling in the deep
    oh how I love every bit
    you are so brilliantly full of love and care
    as your days shorten and ours lengthen
    I am sending you both lots of love and admiration from over here…
    xox – eb

  18. Perhaps there was some planning as you initially chose some of the materials however I can see they have grown in a very organic way . . . the thinking that goes on in you as seach one takes on its life becomes part of it. They are all very beautiful, I’d love to be able to turn them over in my hands.

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