the luxury of having a roof over our heads

Posted: October 31, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Our beautiful old Victorian terrace house is like an old lady who needs a bit of help with keeping up appearanceshouseveve when we first moved in 6 years ago a couple of the ceilings were falling down, the bathroom was black with mould and the back garden was the local cat toilet but the rent is about half the going rate so we have repaired her as best we can but the back wall has always been damp. Early this year we hired a big ladder & had a go at fixing it but that didn’t really help the internal waterfall. The problem had shifted a bit but when we had a lot of rain back in August the ceiling collapsed over my workbench so we sent photos of the damage to the real estate agent in the hope that the landlady would pay to have to the roof repaired but we heard back from them a few weeks ago saying we should do the repairs ourselves. Well the next door neighbour didn’t want us climbing up on his roof as he reckons we are too old but he recommended his handyman who is brilliant, here’s some photos of the work in progress
flashinggutterrepair1really happy he brought an offsider along to help remove the rotten old fascia board
newfasciaboardlast week he measured it all up, the new fascia board was exactly the right length
flashingfittedreplacegutterhe had some flashing made up to length as the roofing iron is a bit short and refit the gutter
finishedan hour and a half later they were all finished & now we’re looking forward to some rain, wouldn’t it be amazing if that’s all that was needed after 6 years of the problem just getting worse & worse!?!

  1. Liz says:

    Love that you posted this as hope and mending …

  2. Dana says:

    Your house is beautiful. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a totally effective repair.

  3. She is a rather lovely building. I hope the repairs have gone well.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Ah Charlotte, she’s almost a ruin and will appreciate a proper renovation when the landlady decides to cash in but we’re hoping to get as many more years here as we can!

      • Marti says:

        Mo, after owning several homes, 12 yrs ago, we sold and became vagabonds, living in different places, renting homes. it is a different mindset to become renters after homeowners but we always brought our homeowners mind to our rental homes, and were fortunate to have landlords that appreciated what we brought to their houses. Our firm requirement was that we have land to plant a garden and if the answer was no, we moved on. A home doesn’t care if you own it or rent it so long as you appreciate that roof over your head, that warmth that comes at the end of the day as you turn off the lights, settle in and know that here is where you belong. May you and Old Man Crow have many more years of turning off the lights, snuggling in under this roof of yours…

        • Mo Crow says:

          (((Marti))) back in the 80’s I helped build a handmade house out in the bush with a very kind & gentle man who was a single father, we had solar panels for electricity on the sunny days and a pelton wheel in the creek ran the lights during the rainy season. We added on rooms, a huge deck, a covered verandah, built a studio for my glass & jewellery making, then laid a brick pathway out to the studio, planted several acres of fruit trees, kept a horse, a dairy cow and chooks… it was all very idyllic but when I turned 30 I ran away for a few months looking for a teacher in glass engraving. I had been making stained glass windows for the local hippie houses but felt the work needed refining so i took myself off to the big city to finally finish the degree in visual arts that I had dropped out of in ’73 & again in ’76. Just as I finished the degree at the end of ’89 I fell in love with Old Man Crow (we had been good friends since i was 21) & when I started looking for a job ended up as a gardener at the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Sydney. Old Man Crow and I decided we might try living together 20 years ago and have been working as gardeners to keep the roof over our heads ever since!

  4. dinahmow says:

    I love it when things work out! But I still think that should have been down to the owner….

    • Mo Crow says:

      well yeah but this is Sydney where the average rent for this area is $1000 per week & we pay less than half of that! We really didn’t know what the problem was ’til the real estate’s handyman came out to assess the damage when it was pouring rain and worked out that the rain was going behind the gutter into the wall, once we knew that & that we had to organise the work ourselves we were pleasantly surprised that it only cost $600 including materials!

  5. beth says:

    Boro house-style. May it buy you a lot longer in your home.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for the good wishes Beth we had a good lightning storm with a bit of rain yesterday afternoon and everything is dry so far but 3 days of steady rain will be the test!

  6. grace says:

    fingers crossed

  7. handstories says:

    Fingers crossed…(we could use your handy people here!)

    • Mo Crow says:

      (((Cindy))) they were a good team, did the whole job in 1 & 1/2 hours, not rushing just methodical and knew what they were doing + it was a very hot day the tim roof was too hot too touch!!

  8. Carol says:

    Wonderful workmen working on your hot tin roof – I know how hot that gets. Well, fingers crossed that it will be okay when we get several days of rain but I’ll bet it will be… Your lovely old house is lucky to have you, Rod and Ariel.

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