the annual pilgrimage to Sculpture by the Sea

Posted: October 28, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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on-our-way-to-save-our-soulsEarly this morning we made the annual pilgrimage to Sculpture by the Sea
Old Man Crow pacing it out towards the top of the headland where
“save our souls” by Cave Urban holds space
(the catalogue tells me this one is best seen at night)
artists statement: “Just as the flash of a lighthouse is a welcome sign of hope, safe harbour and humanity, it may warn the uninvited to stay clear of a hostile shore.”
save-our-souls-Cave-UrbanMy favourite is “the grove” by Margarita Sampson
what are these beautifully antlered beings saying to each other?
mo-looking-at-the-grove-by-Margarita-Sampsonartist’s statement: “Honey is flowing in all directions”, Joseph Beuys
the-grove-Margarita-Sampson“that tranquil moment” by Stephen Marr
that-tranquil-moment-Stephen-Marrwe want to live in Ken Unsworth’s “my house is your home”
my-house-is-your-home-Ken-Unsworth“sisyphus” by George Andric
sisyphus-George-Andricartist’s statement: “The artist strives to find some sense of order that is independent of the world that presents itself
– which at times can be deceptive and illusory.”
sisyphus-by-George-Andricthe play of light & shadows
sisyphus-detail-George-Andric“vessels of destiny” by Melissa McElhone
vessels-of-destiny-Melissa-McElhonelove her sense of whimsy
vessels-of-destiny-detail-by-Melissa-McElhone“to take care of ” by Hannah Streefkerk
to-take-care-of-Hannah-StreefkerkArtist’s statement: “Even stones are worth protection. The shape of the tube bandages around the stones refers to natural shape”
to-take-care-of-detail-Hannah-Streefkerkinside the small sculpture pavilion Hannah’s covered stones are described as translated patterns and mended nature.
crocheted-stones-by-Hannah-Streeferkthe sublime “dark night shrine 2014” Takahiro Hirata
dark-night-shrine-Takahiro-HirataArtist’s statement: “In Japan, an arrow is a talisman that shoots and protects against evil spirits.
The work envisages a shining arrow which breaks through darkness.”
dark-night-shrine-2014-Takahiro-Hiratathe giant steel origami raven “nevermore” by Jonathon Leahey
nevermore-Jonathon-Leahey“wanderers” by Brad Jackson
wanderers-Brad-JacksonArtist’s statement: “The wanderers are a passing family group of traveling orbs.
Their origin, destination and intentions remain unknown.”
wanderersthey seem friendly
mo-and-the-wanderers& so we bade fairfarren to all the wonderful Sculpture by the Sea to do some gardening!

  1. Bronwyn says:

    Thanks Mo, looks like a great show, good selection of works.

  2. lovely- thank you Mo for the kind comments!! xx

  3. Eliene says:

    Thanks for sharing your visit to this years sculptures….from one who lives just a little too far away to go experience it for herself. Love the family of orbs…..

  4. Liz says:

    I am continually amazed at the art that surrounds you and this latest display is exceptional … the pentagrams/stars embedded in the “save our souls” lighthouse … the shadows of “sisyphus” … the “vessels of destiny” seeking the sea … the stones on stones “to take care of” … but above all, the sea itself … an ever-changing, changeless wonder.
    My soul is soothed by the sheer beauty of it. Thank you for sharing …

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Liz, if you click on the Sculpture by the Sea link you can see all 109 sculptures and the past shows as well, this is the 18th! Seeing the waves and feeling the sand on my feet is soul food, have been living in the middle of this huge city of 4 million people for nearly 30 years now, the ocean gives us all space.
      PS to see lots of truly fabulous photographs of the show click Be Inspired

      • Liz says:

        I had already found the Sculpture by the Sea link, but the Be Inspired link was beyond wonderful. I especially liked “Save our souls” at sunrise … which then reminded me (belatedly) of Sean McConnell’s song “Someone save our souls” … okay now, I’m going back to see more (which will take a while 😉

  5. Wow, love the pod shapes and the boats? on stilts and the pebbles.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Melissa’s “vessels of destiny” are clay, engobes, oxides, wire, nails and steel and the wire supports are much taller than me! it’s such an inspiring show Debbie wish you were here!

  6. Carol says:

    Oh Mo, this made me really miss the Eastern Suburbs! Your photos are brilliant and I’ll certainly be checking out the links. Loved Sisyphus and the orbs and the boats… And so much more. Thank you (((Mo)))

  7. deemallon says:

    I share Liz’s amazement at how much art you manage to see… it is such a boon to your readers that you take the time to photo and share! I really like so many of the pieces, but if I had to pick a favorite it might be the metal spiral and its shadows.

  8. Julie Banks says:

    Thanks for sharing, Mo- hope to make it out there before the exhibition ends. Love the light and shadow…

  9. This looks like a wonderful exhibit, Mo. I think your favorite is mine also; that piece really speaks to me. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos!

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