Make a Wish

Posted: October 25, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Make-a-Wish-Mo-14‘Make a Wish’ (detail) Mo 14 scale 2:1
wishbones, passionfruit vine tendrils, moss agate, amazonite, howlite, clay, bone & glass beads, silk wrapped steel & waxed linen threads, all finished with lightning putting cracks in the sky at the witching hour
true scale below
Make-a-Wish-by-Mo-14the passionfruit vine tendrils need the silk wrapped steel to make them wearable
make-a-wish-in-process-Mo-14 love how the moss agate sits with the wishbone
wishing stone-in-processscale 5:1
Gosh what a year!
Here’s a page with links to all the sidelines that have happened
in between finishing the 38 drawings for The illustrated lyrics of Old Man Crow
this week is full on with lots of exciting exhibitions to visit
Sculpture by the Sea
Woolahra Small Sculpture Prize
Joshua Yeldham’s survey show “Surrender ” at Manly Art Gallery
Minumental 6x6x6 at Defiance Gallery
& next weekend I will be attending this 2 day workshop !

  1. dinahmow says:

    That agate is a very beautiful stone, Mo.Well, the whole thing is, but especially the agate.

  2. fiberels says:

    Amazing Mo ! You had not one wishbone ….. you have five !!!!! 😉
    Must de a very special and delicate work to drill holes in these fine bones …
    This is your last one ? (of the series I mean ? you won’t stop making them …)

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Els, I have lots of wishbones, our cat Ariel has been eating organic quail and spatchcocks for nearly 15 years. I’ll be making more Talismans next year but that’s the last one for the Collector’s Choice exhibition at Artsite Gallery, have to get some good photographs together for the submission soon!

  3. Eliene says:

    Your artistic mind just blows me away Mo……and the bookbinding course is right up your alley and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  4. Carol says:

    So Ariel is okay with you using his wishbones? Another gorgeous neck piece, Mo, and the colours are just lovely. Enjoy the Nag Hammadi workshop, I’m pretty sure it will be very special with a great teacher. I should be going but life is messing me around – I had to miss the NZ Conference so I’m slightly cheesed off. I’ll enjoy reading about your workshop.

  5. Dana says:

    I think this one is my favorite so far. Both delicate and bold, with that gorgeous agate….lovely.
    Go make a fabulous third century book and tell us all about it. It sounds wonderful.

  6. Beautiful, moss agate is one of my favourite stones.

  7. Marti says:

    This last talisman, delicate colors, soft beads and the power of bone wishing…All nine, each unique but each connected to the whole of you Mo and the whole of you has vision, heart and most of all, Spirit, and it shows and therein, lies the magic of each talisman.

  8. saskia says:

    am gobsmacked; do you sell? can i buy?

    • Mo Crow says:

      The Talismans, Crow Eye Amulet & Barrel of Fun will be in the Collector’s Choice show at Artsite Gallery from November 29th – December 7th. I need to spend an afternoon very soon with Madeleine the gallery owner photographing them and working out prices, will post a preview & price list here on the blog once I have all that sorted.

  9. Valerianna says:

    Wonderful necklace… hope no one is tempted to make a wish while you are wearing it!

  10. Bronwyn says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Mo!

  11. deemallon says:

    another extraordinary piece! little did I know when I packed up a few wishbones for you (whenever that was) that you had been collecting them for 15 years!!

  12. handstories says:

    What a perfect fit for your stone! Just the act of putting this on would be a powerful thing- of owning your own luck.

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