Cultivate & The Impossibility of Nature

Posted: October 11, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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cultivateArtisans in the Gardens & Cultivate are on at the Royal Botanic Gardens here in Sydney.
I loved these floating poems by Jane Théau
Artist’s Statement-
“I work predominantly in sculpture and installation, favouring textiles, glass and porcelain. Increasingly I turn to simple cotton thread as a preferred medium, appreciating the metaphorical qualities of ravelling and unravelling, weaving and fraying, and the lightness of these works in a time of visual and material surfeit.”
Jacqueline-Spedding‘Grafts’ by Jacqueline Spedding 
garden gate, ceramic leaves, garden tools, organic material, wax. Dimensions variable.
Artist’s Statement- “Our physical indivisibility to nature, and how we perceive, value and represent this relationship is central to my work. The tension between order and control and unruly growth and decay is a recurring theme in my work.”
Jacqueline-Spedding-3Graft-by--Jacquelyn-SpeddingJacqeline-Spedding-2best--friends in the company of my best friends  Richard Whitfield, Old Man Crow & Bronwyn Berman
we went up the road to King Street Gallery for Shona Wilson’s artist talk about ‘The Impossibility of Nature’
Heirloom-detail-by-Shona-Wilson“Heirloom” detail by Shona Wilson
Shona’s work is brilliant, her vision of a Plastiscenic Era is both challenging and life affirming
& her attention to detail is exquisite
Here’s a link to a short video of Shona talking about her work & process with Caroline Baum
the online catalogue
you can read more about Shona’s work on her  website
poppy Mo14the simple pleasure of a poppy on the spring walk

  1. fiberels says:

    Ah thanks Mo ! I’m intrigued by the work of Jane Théau (went over to look)
    And I love the sprouting garden tools ! (ha someone’s had really “green” fingers)
    Happy spring Mo !!!

  2. Liz says:

    Don will love seeing the grafts … which are sure to inspire his creativity …
    But I loved the floating poetry, like words on puppet strings …
    And the earth laughs indeed … as nature paints the world in flowers

  3. Valerianna says:

    Looks like a fun outing… and, yes, I’m lighting a fire as the morning temp is very cold, leaves falling and in your world, flowers are bursting.

  4. Carol says:

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos and all the links, Mo. I’ve just spent quite a long time exploring all Shona’s pages. She’s remarkable and has such a gentle approach to her art. And yes, love the Grafts!

  5. Susan C says:

    Those letters seem as soft and breezy as spiders’ webs. Lovely.

  6. coloremartine says:

    Must be careful not to let my gardentools outside………they might root next spring……

  7. deemallon says:

    nice curating, as usual — I will have to go see the top artist’s work — how those letters float is really interesting!

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