“I’m porous with travel fever”

Posted: July 30, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, music

Joni Mitchell sang it on Hejira back in 1976
from the second verse

“I’m porous with travel fever
But you know I’m so glad to be on my own
Still somehow the slightest touch of a stranger
Can set up trembling in my bones
I know no one’s going to show me everything
We all come and go unknown
Each so deep and superficial
Between the forceps and the stone”

& this quote is from her lyrics page
Albert Camus wrote, in 1963: “What gives value to travel is fear. It is the fact that, at a certain moment, when we are so far from our own country… we are seized by a vague fear, and the instinctive desire to go back to the protection of old habits. This is the most obvious benefit of travel. At that moment we are feverish but also porous, so that the slightest touch makes us quiver to the depths of our being… There is no pleasure in traveling, and I look upon it as an occasion for spiritual testing… Travel, which is like a greater and graver science, brings us back to ourselves.”

The view from the beach house in North Carolina my brothers have rented for a week to celebrate my Mom‘s 85th birthday
beach-holidayI will be all packed & on my way to the airport at this time next week !

  1. Carol says:

    I so understand Camus’ quote on travel. You must be getting excited to be so close to seeing your family. And what a house and view you are going to! I just know it will be wonderful!

  2. In travel, even just down the block, I become more myself and less of me.
    May the weathers favor your flight and arrival, and the view renew you.
    May reunion with family be familial and welcoming. Fare thee well.

  3. margaret johnson says:

    Yeeha, you’re gonna have a blast!! ox

  4. beth says:

    Happy trails to you, Mo. I want to walk that beach with you!

  5. roz says:

    location looks so very very fine ..
    once in much much younger days i was asked to write a compostion [ gosh , even writing that is hilarious , who knows what schools name writing forms now ! ] about ‘My Favourite Place ‘ .
    i wrote that it was not a physical place , but rather a state of being.
    Of being on holidays ..which for me was all about the open road and the freedom going somewhere unattached to the daily grind. ha !
    i am now so curious . did you move south on the big globe away from your roots then ?

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Roz, one of my favourite places is the in-between space of being on a plane in the middle of the wide blue with no attachments to anyplace anyone or anytime!
      My family moved out here for 9 years from 1969 to 1978 when my dad was working as a petroleum engineer on the Bass Strait pipeline, they moved back to the US in 78 but I stayed.

  6. Mo, it appears your journey will lead to a beautiful place, even more beautiful when filled with family. I’ve always loved that Joni Mitchell song; I get what she’s saying about travel, but it’s usually worth it in the end. Happy flying!

  7. karen says:

    oh boy, that looks wonderful. Please can I come? I will be on my best behaviour. I will bring cake. No? Oh well….I hope you have the most fantastic time……slowly turning green here….

  8. however it all plays out, you will be very glad you went.

  9. deemallon says:

    I just love the idea of you here on my continent, sharing a season and a hemisphere!!! The place looks absolutely and divinely heavenly and unlike challenging travel, I suspect this trip may well include some very very relaxed times! Depends how much you like your family, I suppose!! I like flying too. I have noticed that my brain changes and I can read 2 or 3x faster then when on the earth. What is THAT about?!!

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Dee, would love to have more time and do a big road trip with Old Man Crow one day sharing cups of coffee with all the cloth conjurors in the US and Canada but for now I will enjoy this special time with my family, there will be lots of walks on the beach, games of Scrabble and Cribbage and those deep belly laughs that only siblings can share!

  10. Patricia says:

    hey Mo! thinking you might be airborne! well, actually i think you’re often airborne, but maybe you’re heading this way. safe journeys!

  11. porous
    your finger is always on the pulse – mine that is… are you here? – spiriting you north… xox

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