The Year of the Owl

Posted: July 28, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic

owlsall of these owls have been given to me in the last few months
back in 1985, I found two abandoned boobook owl eggs in a nest inside an old hollow tree that had been cut down for firewood. I put the eggs under one of the pigeons in the pigeon house and after two sittings could hear peeps emanating so I carefully helped the little owl out of its egg with some warm water to soften the shell, he was a piece of white fluff the size of a 20 cent piece (US quarter) in my hand!
owlie-1985So I became an owl mother, living a nocturnal life feeding the little “Owlie” chopped up bugs, frogs and mice the local children supplied for 3 weeks. He was feathering up nicely and hopping about, stretching his wings, getting ready to fly with dreams of hunting with him in the moonlight! A friend suggested he needed to eat meat & bones so I went to the local butcher for some ground beef & bones which he ate greedily but sadly died the next day from indigestion.
Vale Owlie…
Mo owlfeatherthe last Owl Feather
owl-rockthe owl rock in the garden

PS Oh! and talking of Owls have a look at Lou Saxton’s “Snowy Owls after Lear” in process

    • Mo Crow says:

      It’s OK Patricia, I got to be with Owlie and hold that dream for three weeks & that was amazing! not sure if I received all these owl gifts this year because I’m getting wise or that the circles ’round my eyes are getting so alarming!

  1. he lives in that garden stone i think. Just watching.

    • Mo Crow says:

      The owl rock shone out of a creek near the Wombeyan Caves back in 1988 on an expedition to collect marble fragments from an old quarry for a friend’s sculpture

  2. Valerianna says:

    Oh…. owlets are like air with feathers. Amazing gift to spend time with one. Sad ending 😦 but who knows how it would have done without the adults to show him/her the ropes?

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