A Barrel of Fun

Posted: July 21, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, knots and nests, weave

A-Barrel-of-Fun-by-Mo-2014“A Barrel of Fun” by Mo &  Old Man Crow 2014
a section of black bamboo, grape vine tendrils wrapped with silk/steel thread, rose dyed linen thread
A-Barrel-of-Fun-Mo-2014this one makes me laugh!
A-Barrel-of-Fun-from-above-Mo-2014Old Man Crow kindly cut the bamboo with the jigsaw and came up with the name


  1. Sweetpea says:

    WONDERFUL ! must have been a blast to create
    and I just love those beady feet.

  2. Me too, fantastic, love the feet and your jewellery in your last posts

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks Debbie, making all these funny things is a good way to divert the nervousness about seeing my family to celebrate my Mom’s 85th birthday … I’ll be getting ready to jump on the plane across the wide blue in two weeks and two days!

  3. nemoignorat says:

    this is so beautiful, I’m in love. Do you have bamboo growing where you live?

    • Mo Crow says:

      yes lots, here’s a link to a photo of the garden where this piece came from (5th photo down you can see the bamboo surrounding the Buddha face) It was beautiful but the customer found it too messy so we had to remove it but kept quite a few pieces that have come in handy for for trellising and now for this “Barrel of Fun”! Back in the 70’s, the last time bamboo was fashionable it became a noxious weed taking over large areas of bushland on the outskirts of Sydney. New clumping varieties have been developed but it gets very big and is difficult to remove once planted.

  4. deanna7trees says:

    wild and wonderful. i bet you could do some weavings in those loops.

  5. Jane Bodnaruk says:

    tendril weaving another time

    • Mo Crow says:

      Earlier this morning I tried stitching some little clay beads to cover all the drilled holes but it didn’t like them so I stopped & took them all back off, it’s quite bossy really!

  6. Marti says:

    Power/protection aka Crow Eye; Rich gentleness and color via The Path of the Heart but this, A Barrel of Fun, well this is like a happy dance to my system: an exuberant, collaborative entanglement of creativity and mirth; a joyful mashing about, arms flayed, body all akimbo, a huge laugh in the face of whatever uncertainty and unknown comes along… and it is the best and strongest magick of them all…

    • Mo Crow says:

      Marti, it is! and that’s the light hearted humour of Old Man Crow, he dances with the changes and funny how today’s moon moved into Gemini (OMC’s sun sign) right when I was finishing this one… the Moontime Diary says “great time to hop and skip or dance and exercise playfully”

  7. it’s GREAT, mo…and is the Old Man traveling with you?

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks Grace & no the Old Man Crow was invited but declined, he did the family thing back in 1999 for the youngest brother’s wedding which was fun but he is happy to stay home with Ariel P Cat who is nearly 15 years old, they will enjoy the peace & quiet after all this wild Mo getting ready to fly energy !

  8. Carol says:

    What a joyous piece this is, Mo, full of humour and happiness. That photo looking down on the barrel is just beautiful. The tendrils are really something…

  9. Patricia says:

    so grounded and whimsical all in one. a good image for starting this day! thanks.

  10. Dotti says:

    godly Mo!

  11. So wonderfully whimsical and creative; you two must have had so much fun making this!

  12. margaret johnson says:

    What a HAPPY piece this is!! Love it’s lolly legs and feet. ox

  13. Dana says:

    Those adorable little feet look like they are in motion, but the direction is difficult to determine. Some days are like that.

  14. karen says:

    it is created with ”wrapping” in order to ”wrap”….right up my street. It’s wonderful.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks Karen, you are the queen of wrapping thread & even though I have watched you wrap a bullion knot needle thirty times many times in SS3 & SS4 I still can’t do one to save my life, wrapping grape vine tendrils works for me!

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