weaving then unweaving

Posted: June 25, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, weave

yam-totem-1976-Arnhem LandLast month the mortuary beetles ate all the feathers on this Yam Totem from Arnhem Land circa 1976,
so I unwound the ochre stained hand plied plant fibre string, froze it for 10 days and buried the inner bark.
to-beginJude Hill is Considering Weave in her What-If Diaries #2  so I started weaving a vessel with the string
weavingthen unwove it this morning as it really didn’t feel right
unweavingThe string needs to lay fallow for awhile &  just relax back into being a string

  1. my goodness mo if that wonderful vessel didnt feel right…i cant wait to see what it will be that does !

  2. saskia says:

    have to agree with previous comment: looked great to me, but you know what you’re doing and what you want, cannot wait to see what you will end up with

    • Mo Crow says:

      I have to give the string time to settle, will keep handling it gently to get the feel for it … felt the stitching was too restrictive it had never been stitched before… it needs more air with room to breathe

  3. Carol says:

    Mo, you are the most thoughtful artist I know. Your string has found a good home and in time may or may not become something else.

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