an eye for seeing in the Dark of the Moon

Posted: May 29, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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eye-bead-from-Kathy-Dorfer-with-grape-vine-tendril-and-peacock-feathersKathy Dorfer’s Eye Bead has been added to the Dark Moon Memory Keeper for seeing in the dark
eye-bead-from-Kathy-Dorferalong with one of the silk and steel wrapped grape vine tendrils

  1. dinahmow says:

    I was about to ask if you used Old Man Crow’s guitar strings…then I recalled your mentioning that elsewhere. t’s a pig to work, isn’t it! Well, it is for me, but you seem to manage very well.;-)

  2. Bronwyn says:

    love it all. You are a magician!

  3. Carol says:

    We all need an eye to see the special things, Mo, and this one is particularly beautiful. The grape tendrils are stunning and must have taken a lot of love and patience.

  4. Valerianna says:

    Nice… and love the wrapped grape-tendril!!

  5. Patricia says:

    what a power piece this is

  6. Marti says:

    The “protective” all seeing eye is amazing as is the wrapped grape tendrils; just so clever to do this Mo. I have a grape arbor and although I have made a little grapevine wreath with leftover prunings, and even made dye bundles with some of the peeled bits of branches, it never occurred to me to try to wrap tendrils with wire or cloth or thread. Yes, nature always provides but then it takes a visionary to take what is provided and see beyond and you do that Mo with such wondrous results.

  7. debgorr says:

    love what you’ve done with the grape vine and that there is an eye. For me it would be a reminder to always look while I travel.

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for the visit Deb, Kathy makes such good magic! it’s the perfect little bag for going to gallery openings & looking at art, my water bottle, glasses and wallet all fit in perfectly.

  8. karen says:

    you create such beautiful surface texture Mo…..and I think you’re right. I will leave the ”old” piece lying for a while…

    • Mo Crow says:

      thanks for visiting Karen you are the queen of surface embellishment & good to hear you will let the “old” cloth lay for a while longer!

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