Sunday in Newtown

Posted: May 28, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, music
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Sunday-in-Newtown-Mo-2014“Sunday in Newtown” illustration by Mo 2014
song no 33 for The illustrated Lyrics of Old Man Crow

  1. Dotti says:

    Wow wow arrgh arrrgh! You know Mo, I always think that’s the one with your works; however this time I am in awe .
    The journey you take us on in this work is such a great adventure; embracing, enhancing, exciting.
    It is like getting a glimpse of a dream vision of Newtown. I salute you, and the inspired interpretation of ” Sunday in Newtown” by Rod!!!

  2. margaret johnson says:

    He Heee, LOVE the crow leading the horse drawn cart!! The two crows in the foreground, can’t make out if they are a couple of young dudes or old cronies! As usual, SO FULL of things to see! Fabulous Mo, onya. ox

  3. Carol says:

    The more I look, the more I see! As a Newtown lover I can love this for sooo many reasons. And the crows are just wonderful! Brilliant, Mo!

  4. ruthkeys says:

    Thank you. This made me smile, so much going on, love the little dog.

  5. Wow, I just love all the details in this one; fabulous work as usual!

  6. Is there any one word that means BOTH sophisticated and adorable? This drawing is it.

  7. jude says:

    always so many details to draw me in

  8. oh mo the history detail humour and the crows ! you have captured such personality. well done indeed. i love it too.

  9. concurring with all of the above
    love it Mo!
    until the next time


  10. julie banks says:

    Wonderful as always, Mo! The detail is fantastic.

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