A Thousand Thank You’s for the Magic Feather Cloth called Home

Posted: May 14, 2014 by Mo Crow in good books, magic
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a-thousand-thank-yous-from-Wendy-Golden-Levitt-and-her-childrenThere are angels working strong magic in this world, Wendy Golden-Levitt and Jude Hill are two of them!
Yesterday this beautiful book, “Empty your pockets for a thousand thank you’s” arrived from Wendy
thank-you-notethe deep heart felt words & images from the children looking forward to seeing the Magic Feather Cloth called Home brought me to my knees in wonder and gratitude
Wendy has written several beautiful articles about this magic cloth and cloth as therapy for Hand/Eye Magazine, here’s some links
Magic Feathers November 2013
Hope Arrived Yesterday August 2012
Textile Therapy August 2010
This last paragraph from the article above brings tears of gratitude for being a part of this circle of women working deep magic with needle, cloth and thread…
“Children who work with the textiles become inspired. They become connected to themselves and whatever is the larger mystery of this life – of their life.  They develop a profound sense of belonging. They learn respect for the art and its maker through tender experience and humble new insights. They grow to understand the value of textiles and how intricately they play a part in our culture. They all move on into a more well-lived life and take with them the value and purpose of textiles. The children arriving at the studio who are blessed with tender hearts and open minds, leave with the sounding of their own callings and the echo of the elders who made their cloth.   It seems, in my experience, the artists and the child walk a similar path.  There is a natural longing to be at one with the process of creating and allowing the signs and symbols of the unconscious to surface as an inner guide.  The questions remain, and the answers come through as faith in what is not heard and what is waited for. This is the new standpoint of the child and the solid footing of the cloth.  I keep my own knees bent and head bowed in gratitude. There is a knock at the door, and another child stands at the threshold. I bend down and sweep before their feet with my small broom. They automatically take off their shoes, look up at me and are handed a cloth. I step out of the way. ”
the-magic-of-childrenhere’s the link to Jude’s Magic Feather Project
Grace of Windthread said it the other day on her blog
“Stitching cloth is a kind of praying”
namaste crow sister & all the cloth conjurors around the world

  1. Marti says:

    May I also add my thank you, joy and blessings to all of you cloth women who looked into your hearts, emptied your cloth and thread baskets and created from spirit, cloth to help and heal. You are treasures as much as what you made for Wendy’s children is treasure to them.

  2. this is so Good. you feel it, same as me….no question, ever again, yes?, about
    what Making
    the children. the children. so un~self~consciously BRILLIANT.
    i love so much too that you put Wendy’s words here.
    and i love so much…, you,

  3. deemallon says:

    It is so nice to see this book showing up in the wide fiber circle! And, of course it was a thrill to see a child using a quilt of mine as a prayer rug.

  4. sigh
    deep sigh
    deep magic Mo…

  5. yes, this is amazing in every sense.

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