The Feather of Truth

Posted: April 16, 2014 by Mo Crow in magic
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chicken-feather-of-truthThe Feather of Truth this morning is a chicken feather found on the floor of the chook pavilion yesterday at the Easter Show, I tried to get all “arty” and played around with exposure, light, contrast and filters for a few hours but the best photo was straight out of the camera…
which has got me thinking more about art & making & heart & edge…
all the heart and soul and technique and passion in the world will not make art without that rare glimpse out past the corner of the eye of the elusive ineffable that takes a lifetime trying to describe…

(NB the next song illustration is for a song named “Truth”)

  1. was good fun to share your easter show the banties and the handwork . and i love the fact that todays feather of truth is a chicken feather . chickens are underrated, as are their feathers.

  2. Dana says:

    That is a lovely feather beautifully photographed. The space between what you see and what you show can be very muddy sometimes. I too have wrestled with techniques and options and ended up with the first thing I tried, not having recognized it until after the struggle..

  3. silver sebright rooster…so perfect, almost surreal. the Johnny Depp of Chooks

  4. there is a lovely grace-full-ness to your truthful feather dear Mo… a whisper of love in the soft glow of moonlight – do you see it? another look and I see a sail sent aloft by a gentle breeze… no enhancements needed – your true instincts know everything… yes ineffable and elusive… xox

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