versions of paradise

Posted: April 14, 2014 by Mo Crow in gardening

Old Man Crow and I look after a variety of gardens, every one is their own version of paradise formal entryformal entry
ruthfrontdooror a wild walk
wild walkthe back gardenstairscan be a formal space
beautiful sandstone work for entertaining
the viewframe the view
new-poolsurround a new pool
formal-tropical-gardena peaceful sound
native gardena native retreat
mosaic walla feature mosaic wall by Marion Frith
a magic gardena magic garden
This is a small selection of photos both recent and past of the different spaces we look after, we love all our gardens
mystical cicada aka green grocer I leave my voodoo gothic steampunk old hippie sensibilities at home with the guard dragon, “We are, after all, professionals” to quote Hunter S. Thompson

  1. Dana says:

    Wow, what a variety! How many do you care for all together? I’m glad you have your own little jungle where your “voodoo gothic steampunk old hippie sensibilities” can run amok. Gardens are so self-expressive.

    • Mo Crow says:

      we look after 20 inner city gardens, 5 are high maintenance once a fortnight, 10 once a month and the other 5 we visit each quarter just to make sure the customers are doing the right thing by their plants + 10 quirky indoor plant hire jobs ranging from a tattoo studio to a big sports club.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Oh Mo, thank you so much for sharing these images, it’s wonderful to see the work you are doing on the big scale! Just lovely, very nourishing for the soul.

  3. working gardens is heaven!

    love you mo!

  4. Jane Bodnaruk says:

    variety plus – they are wonderful

  5. Carol says:

    Delightful, Mo, to see the other places where you work. Gardens have their own magic and I’m sure you add your own to them. Thank you for the glimpses.

  6. I really enjoyed seeing all these gardens that you care for; thanks for sharing. Also enjoyed the voodoo steampunk cicada, and will try to keep the Thompson quote in mind. He was, after all, a professional – we just may not want to specify his particular area of expertise! :~) ha!

  7. fiberels says:

    What a splendid way to earn a living Mo !!!!!!!
    (love my own small garden … a “green towel” )

  8. paradise indeed. so lush and tropical and elegant i love the different personalities in these gardens with their mosaic walls and lovely pots and sculptures and things . love that view as well of your beautiful city.

  9. you and the man are paradise – only right that you should nourish and be nourished there… love the images – thanks for sharing xox

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