the colour of the sea

Posted: April 8, 2014 by Mo Crow in magic

clovelleya little space in between gardening jobs to breathe with the sea on Monday
I love living here in Sydney, this space to see the far horizon is free for everyone right along the coast

  1. Susan C says:

    That sweet long line of ocean and sky. It’s like a natural reflex to take in a big deep breath when you see it, even when it’s just a photograph. Thanks, Mo.

  2. this heavenly gesture is mine too….living close by the sea i mean


  3. Carol says:

    So beautiful, Mo! We are so very blessed with our glorious coastline…

  4. Eliene says:

    so peaceful in the wildness of it all.

  5. Marti says:

    When I lived in the tropics, i thought it was heaven although the trade winds were loud and hard to sleep to. When I lived in the mountains, snow was a comfort until five months of shoveling it every day became a drag. When I lived in the hill country of Texas, the scorpions liked to make their presence known. When I lived in the hills of TN, tornadoes came. Now I live in the desert and to my astonishing surprise, the winds that howl, the snow that comes, the high elevation, the blowing sand, the heat, the changing colors of the land, the expansive sky are wondrous…I guess satisfaction takes time to come and aging has given me the wisdom to know that it was a privilege and a gift to live in so many places.

    • Mo Crow says:

      so true Marti! getting to this stage of the game makes me grateful to be anywhere!
      NB my family travelled a lot when we were kids we lived in Oklahoma, Maryland, Texas,Peru, Canada & I stayed here in Australia when they moved back to the US in 1978, have lived in & on the edges of Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Nimbin (the alternate mecca of Australia) the wild southern coast of Victoria near Wilson’s Promontory, the mountains near Rose River also in Victoria but have settled with Old Man Crow and the cat here in Sydney for a long time now and don’t really move much these days, we are happy here!

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