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Posted: April 6, 2014 by Mo Crow in Lace
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storageunearthed an old lampshade frame whilst sorting the storage shelves on Wednesday and  with a magical bit of timing Jude Hill posted about her bird cage lamp loom over on Spirit Cloth
So I decided to make a lampshade for the first time since 1980, remembering that empowering day in 1976 when my best friend Julie showed me how to make my first Tiffany lampshade, here’s a pic
my-first-Tiffany-lamp-shade-1976it was a ridiculous choice of cloth, a heavy woven Chinese silk with vertical stripes on the reverse which of course shone through when lit, so each panel needed lots of tiny stitches to get the stripes to stay vertical and match at the edges.
Julie’s lampshades were all velvet, lace and silk tasseled perfection, mine ended up stitched in rough cheese cloths & hessian (aka burlap in the US) with feather and shell fringing & were a way to earn a living for a few years.
I like the light from the bare light bulb in my work space so I used very thin materials  & one thing just led to another…
lampshade-in-process-1Bound the frame with lace edging then started covering it with some perfectly stretchy old stuff with holes in it, a transparent indigo dyed silk organza from Glennis Shibori Girl, some frothy FME embroidered lace from Karen Ruane, printmakers mull, whisper organza from Beautiful Silks, cheesecloth (aka scrim in the US & muslin in the UK), hemp string & passionfruit vine tendrils
lampshade-in-process-2 early on Day 2 the cloth is half on
lampshade-in-process-3getting  ’round and today it’s all finished in only three days!
lampshade-Mo-14lampshade-at-night-Mo-2014lampshade-below-Mo-14looking up!

  1. What atmosphere! Clever you.

  2. dinahmow says:

    I’m reminded of some flats, back in the 60s…drippy candles in Barossa Pearl and Mateus Rose bottles, feathers on the blind pulls and an absolutely stunning “outback” painting on the very big holland blind, which we always had rolled up when the landlady called! 🙂

  3. Thats fantastic and certainly a totally unique piece.

    • Mo Crow says:

      I’m surprised at how much it has softened the light even using such transparent materials & wish I had added the dangly passionfruit vine tendrils when it was still on the bench rather than from the stepladder!

  4. deanna7trees says:

    looks fabulous. loved seeing it in progress. i’m so afraid of fire that i always hesitate to do things like this.

    • Mo Crow says:

      these new energy efficient light bulbs re much cooler than the old incandescent ones, have never had any of my lampshades catch fire and they have all had lots of dangly bits!

  5. Valerianna says:

    Love it!! I made a lampshade a few years ago… handmade paper and sticks. People comment that its sort of like what Radagast the Brown ( a wizard in the Hobbit) would have in his forest tree hut.

  6. fiberels says:

    love your lamp shade Mo, so transparent …. !

  7. Carol says:

    More Mo magic! Just beautiful!

  8. margaret johnson says:

    Ahhh your’e a genius Mo! Looks fantastic. Oh the 60’s, I made a few lampshades too, and the Mateus Rose, haha and I thought I was being original back then. The more candle wax you could get on the bottle, the cooler (?????) you were. ox

  9. Susan C says:

    Lovely. I see a jellyfish. : )

  10. karen says:

    I just love it….far too gorgeous to be a jelly fish, more like one of Miss Havishams gowns that has degraded over time….

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Karen, thanks for having a look and the lovely link! , it’s a funny thing, I was thinking about the sea and sea urchin shells and “The Cloud Sculptors of Coral D” a short story by JG Ballard but then it morphed into a jelly fish with the addition of those dangly passionfruit vine tendrils and now Miss Havisham’s gown!

  11. deedeemallon says:

    it is so superb! and so different depending on whether illuminated or not. both versions very cool.

  12. handstories says:

    moon shining through the sea!

  13. Dana says:

    What a lovely assortment of images your lampshade has evoked! Having just been reading Grace, I thought of a planet…another world.

  14. beth says:

    So creative–as usual, Mo. I really like that second to the last shot. Made me think of a Don Quixote windmill with the moon stuck in the center.

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