Twice in a Blue Moon by Elizabeth Bunsen

Posted: March 29, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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blue-cat-dreaming-by-Elizabeth-Bunsen-2014 Blue Cat Dreaming by Elizabeth Bunsen 2014 arrived with Elizabeth and her lovely partner David
We had a fantastic day showing them ’round the sights of Newtown
Mo, Ganesha,Old Man Crow and David in NewtownMo, Ganesha, Old Man Crow and David (photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bunsen)
down the road to St Peters
African Tulip Tree by Elizabeth Bunsenwe met a beautiful African Tulip Tree (photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bunsen)
caught the train into Museum to see Sally Simpson’s “Venerated Remains”, the fabulously inspiring show at Stanley Street Gallery
koi carp at Stanley Street Gallerykoi carp in the peaceful courtyard of Stanley Street Gallery (photo courtesy of Elizabeth Bunsen)
then up past St Mary’s Cathedral (I always love seeing those two sandstone steeples that were built in time for the  Olympics) wandered through the Royal Botanic Gardens, past the Opera House then whizzed back home via my favourite curio shop Drunk on the Moon collected the suitcases & dropped them off at Central to catch the bus to Newcastle and rest up for for Elizabeth’s first workshop 
ATASDA NSW in Newcastle
then onto
Fibre Arts in Ballarat
Conversations with the Makers 

Blue-Moon-2014-by-Elizabeth-BunsenElizabeth & David  left us with this lovely Blue Moon 2014 now proudly sitting with  Once in a Blue Moon 2012
They are making real magic happen!

  1. Do I really want to read this, I am feeling slightly envious, still its a great post.

  2. Carol says:

    Love the two Blue Moons and Blue Cat Dreaming is stunning. Bet Ariel likes that… Enjoy your workshops!

    • Mo Crow says:

      aren’t Elizabeth’s Blue Moons and the Blue Cat Dreaming fabulous? Sadly I’m not doing any of the workshops as they are being held up in Newcastle & Victoria and I’m saving all my pennies this year for my Mom’s 85th birthday gathering in North Carolina in August but we really enjoyed meeting a magical & inspiring artist I have admired for years in real life with the chance to show off our beautiful city on such a glorious autumn day!

  3. Jane Bodnaruk says:

    I have just spent the morning wondering whether to be spontaneous & sign up for the workshop in Newcastle … (and I’m still wondering)

    • Mo Crow says:

      Oh you should it will be great fun, Elizabeth is totally magic! if I wasn’t saving every cent to get to the US I would be there in a flash!

  4. Magical indeed — Hey Mo when are you coming to the USA and where?

    • Mo Crow says:

      just a quick week with family my brothers have rented a big beach house in North Carolina from August 9-16 to celebrate my Mom’s 85th birthday, Old Man Crow will be staying home with Ariel.

  5. went to her blog and was so surprised by the beauty
    she’s somebody to hide with i think..
    Mo, i named you on my blog

  6. Dear Mo,

    Thank you and the man for your gracious hospitality
    and the most delightful entry into your glorious city and the Land of Oz.

    You ARE magic my dear friend…

    dreaming many more beautiful blue moons,

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