The Smoking Man

Posted: March 3, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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smoking-man-copyOld Man Crow asked if his “smoking man” drawing could go on the back of his new Crow Book (no 3)
so I stitched it into the finest whisper of silk organza with 3 strands of my hair & some black thread over soluble stabiliser
smoking-man-in-thread-&-hairhere it is with the stabilizer rinsed out and damp stretched
a bit wobbly but a good test and looks good pinned to the curtain next to The Talinistic
smoking-man-organzaIt gave me the courage to print out the drawing to scale, lay it squared & centred onto the back of  the leather cover & incise the lines of the drawing  into the surface of the leather with a fine scalpel blade. Opened the lines a little with the eye end of a needle then backstitched and couched  into the cut lines with black linen thread, white & red silk and a piece of Jude Hill‘s black and white magic thread for the cigarette
crow-book-smoking-man& hooray it worked, Old Man Crow is rapt, the crow eye amulet is leading the way!

  1. Jane (epocktextiles) says:

    very cool Mo

  2. Fiona Dempster says:

    Amazing! I love both the leather and the organza; and to sew it with your own hair…so very very special.

  3. Dotti says:

    You are amazing. How good does that “smoking man” look!!!!

    And once again Happy Birthday dear Friend MO! May all the owls and crows and bowerbirds, and the pelicans, storks and galahs bring you plumes of feathered stories for the year ahead!

    Much joy and health and loads of love, Dotti

  4. you performed MAGIC with this….just MAGIC.
    and today is your Birthday???????

    • Mo Crow says:

      Thanks Grace, your x-roads cloth & the crow eye amulet are helping heaps & yes Hooray to celebrating 59 years on the planet, it’s still my birthday over there! To celebrate I collected rose petals from the spent flowers out at the the plant wholesale plant nurseries first thing, then pruned a big old climbing rose in a favourite garden & in a few hours am going to the Sydney flower markets to get a bunch of the darkest red, deeply perfumed long stemmed red roses I can find! I will behead them and throw the petals in a dye pot with some of the petals interleaved with the crow book’s text block along with another little rose book that I bound with the offcuts a la India Flint and then arrange the thorny stems, will wear black and channel Morticia Addams, hehe!

  5. deedeemallon says:

    Happy belated birthday, Mo!!@!! It is fascinating to see, one moment, the question – How do I begin and the next moment to see, the beginning.

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