Operator in process

Posted: February 19, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time
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Operator-in-process-Mo-14The next song illustration “Operator” is well under way …

  1. Dotti says:

    Hey Mo, that looks intriguing, love the glass, the owl and the wheelie crow. Can’t wait to see the worried frown on the owl face . I guess the poor owl is the dumb fuck getting no second chances? HAHA! It is great to see the work in progress! Thanks!

    It was great to run into you two today and have a good natter in the cooling isle. Nikki sends a big hallo. My car was ready at 400pm( bless that Peter), so I had a good look at Berkley books in the second hand section before I picked it up. An altogether very fine day. Ruby is responding well to the treatment, she is also on a liver cleansing diet with milk thistle and globe artichoke etc; handy because that is exactly what I need as well to help with the effects of the heavy cortisone.

    I am waiting to hear from Studio 20(?) re the first changes to the jewellery. I am not sure if I will go this weekend, because of my hands, but probably the next . I let you know, in case you want to come along,

    And I have the 6.3. Thursday marked and I will try, but will have to see. Enjoy the rest of the week, only one more day, Hurrah! XXX Dotti

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