7 Hagstones by Mia Illuzia

Posted: February 6, 2014 by Mo Crow in magic
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a-magic-parcelA magical parcel from England arrived on my doorstep yesterday!
I love all the attention to detail and untying the handmade string and knotting
spirit-carrier-by-Mia-Illuza to discover a vegetable tanned pouch made with reindeer hide from Mia Illuzia’s family farm near the Arctic Circle in Finland
inside-the-reindeer-hide-pouchopening to reveal “7 Hagstones” of holey flint knotted onto hand plied organic unbleached linen thread
7-hagstones-by-Mia-IlluziaThere is such deep magic and healing light infused in Mia’s Spirit Carrier work
you can see more on
her blog
in her shop
on Facebook
on Flickr
and I love all her handmade books !

  1. Valerianna says:

    GREAT!! Thanks for sharing, I’m off to look at her shop.

  2. Mysterious and wonderful.

  3. Dotti says:

    Ohmm, that is soo beautiful! The parcel, the paper, the string! The pouch and the stones, I want to go home to the baltic spirits!

  4. margaret johnson says:

    mmmmm stones. Scrumptious. Really like her work. ox

  5. mutabilia says:

    stones and string
    always good.

  6. Carol says:

    Lovely! I’m going now to investigate Mia’s links…

  7. Carol says:

    Oh, I’ve spent ages looking and admiring as I’ve gone through the links. Lovely work, with a really beautiful feel to it.

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