The subtle poetics of Bruce Latimer

Posted: January 19, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Termites 2007 by Bruce Latimer“Termites” 2007 by Bruce Latimer
I saw this beautiful print by Bruce Latimer at Utzon’s Opera House exhibition on Saturday, a wonderful show with all the big names of Australian Art- Brett Whiteley, Lloyd Rees, Martin Sharp, Peter Kingston, Fairlie Kingston, Reg Mombassa aka Chris O’Doherty, John Coburn, John Olsen, Margaret Olley, Eric Thake and many more but it was this beautiful etching that stole my heart. I know this view so well from working as a gardener at the Botanic Gardens in the early 90’s, he has captured the shimmer of the early morning light beautifully.
You can see more of his work and watch a wonderful interview on his website
He is represented by Australian Galleries here in Sydney and in Melbourne & Beaver Galleries in Canberra
here’s a review of the exhibition by Tracey Clement
and the review that inspired me to make sure I saw it on the second last day by John McDonald

& here’s a beautiful quote about the subtle poetics reflected in Bruce Latimer’s printmaking
“Yet another part of poetry’s solace, related to “solutio”(*), is the increase of subtlety a good poem provides. Subtlety’s etymological roots rest in loom-woven cloth. It is the name we give to thought that is both finely textured and free of range, able to connect disparate qualities into the unified useable fabric of a new whole. Respect of the uncertain is subtlety’s inscape. In subtle response, thought is stitched into place with it’s own undertows, opposites and extensions with a mind that questions and crosshatches its statements and feelings.”
from “Hiddenness, Uncertainty, Surprise – Three Generative Energies of Poetry” by Jane Hirshfield
(p 31) Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Series: 7
(*solutio – the medieval alchemist’s process of making something workable and transformable by making it more fluid )

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