3D printing workshop

Posted: January 17, 2014 by Mo Crow in 3D printing

Yesterday I attended at 3D printing workshop at Object: Australian Design Centre run by COTA
It was a mind boggling experience & I left feeling incredibly excited about the possibilities but they may well be for the next lifetime!
the good news is a 2D sketch or an object can be translated into a 3D model quite cheaply and locally here in Sydney by Angus Deveson and his uFactory !
here’s some informative links gleaned from the workshop
Sculptris is an easy free 3D modelling program
Tinkercad  is a free online 3D design tool for beginners
Blender is open source software for intermediate levels and looks very interesting
Shapeways in the US can create a 3D model in a range of materials from a 2D image
Palloys who are the casting people for the jewellery trade here in Sydney have CAD (Computer Assisted Design) facilities
CSIRO are doing amazing 3D work with Titanium powder
Nervous System is developing an extraordinary range, love their Xylem collection using the vein formation of leaves
3D printed chain mail
Thingiverse is a 3D design community
Michael Hansmeyer computational architecture
Cinnamon Lee will have a show soon with COTA
Joshua Harker
Here’s a photo of Joshua Harker’s Crania Anatomica Filigree which I gave to Old Man Crow for xmas a few years ago
Vale-Lindsayand his 6 solids chain on Old Man Crow’s medicine stick

  1. deanna7trees says:

    they’re doing incredible stuff in the medical field with 3D…it is quite amazing. i think you will see a lot more in your lifetime.

  2. karen says:

    I am amazed at the advances with 3D printing. I see it on the news quite often and can’t quite get my head around it. The link you have put here is stunning and Deanna is right, so many possibilities for medicine.

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