Under the influence of the Moon!

Posted: January 12, 2014 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, Lace
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Dilly-Bag-sketch-by-MoI made this  quick sketch for the Dark Moon Dilly Bag about a month ago
Glennis Shibori Girl made the beautiful Dark Moon but it is such a strong elegant moon it needs to have a bag all to itself!
dark-moonpinned up with the Dark Moon is more darkly delicious indigo cloth from Glennis, Patricia of Following Thread and the stars are from Nancy of Pomegranate Trail
So i have this wonderful elegant bag with all these perfect materials in mind but this wild thing is what is coming out!
dilly-bag-beginningsthe base started out with flax string stitched with indigo dyed cotton from Glennis, then it started to get all wild and unruly with shells, myrrh and clay beads, bangalow palm inflorescence & printmakers mull bound with raw cotton wound over indigo dyed linen… at this stage I thought I would try all four moons that you can see here but after tacking them all together it didn’t work at all, that Dark Moon is so still and complete it really needs its own space!
So I cleaned the studio for a day & have been stitching wildly for the past 4 days
the lovely rust and indigo dyed silk is from Arlee Barr, the linen moon is from Patricia overlaid by a sheer organza moon & indigo dyed silk threads from Glennis
dilly-bag-moon-in-process this rust and indigo dyed fire moon is from Patricia, silk threads are from Glennis with a little red I had lying around from an old silk scarf & my favourite vintage Silkworm thread from Margaret Johnson for stitching the palm inflorescence downfire-moon-detailthe inside
inside-the-dilly-bagthere is miles of stitching, feathering, twining & beading to go but it’s starting to make sense in a woman under the influence of the moon sort of way!

  1. deanna7trees says:

    it’s looking fabulous inside and out. looks like a bag from another time…one that will hold very special things. i love it.

  2. Carol says:

    Yes, fabulous is what it is, Mo! I love how it is evolving… I think a masterpiece in the making!

  3. Els says:

    Ha : a wild bag ? maybe it’s because you’re a wild thing too Mo 😉
    (mind you : this is a compliment !!!)

    Love the two moons, they’re special, and I see a basket bottom !
    Jude’s reaching out to all of us ….. and I’m sóóó glad !

    (I got an envelope of (Japanese) goodies from Glennis too, probably
    waiting for me to grow wild enough ….)

    Have fun, Mo !

  4. Gorgeous everything Mo. I am under the influence myself. The moon will be FULL Wednesday, and I will be on a 21 hour train ride to Florida to vist my dear old yogi friend for the rest of January. She sent the round trip ticket for my birthday. Lucky me, but it has me in a tizzy of preparation and distraction. I will be off the web for the whole time I think. I’m not portable in that way. Big love to you down under.

  5. Robyn says:

    An arty bag by a wild thing …. or a wild bag by an arty thing 🙂
    It’s gorgeous!

  6. lovely work as always, and wild as the moon. Love how this is coming together!

  7. jude says:

    wonderful Mo!

    • Mo Crow says:

      thank you Jude! will just keep going as you say and see where it ends up, am still unsure as to whether it will actually work as the materials are so disparate! I love the way you piece and layer your work together with such freedom!

  8. Martha says:

    This is a wonderful piece, drawing me in, deeper and deeper. The texture, the color, and the containment of it is quite compelling.

  9. beth says:

    Wild and wonderful, Mo. And I love the notion of being under the influence of the moon.

  10. mo, fragile and strong in one…how beautiful and how wonderful to join each others materials
    women under moon strength

  11. handstories says:

    good glory this is a wonderful gathering of blue & moon!

  12. judy martin says:

    So glad to see this work.
    It is really lovely and organic.

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