Chance by Christian Boltanski at Carriageworks

Posted: January 9, 2014 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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ChanceChristian Boltanski talked with Andrew Frost about “Chance”, his monumental installation dealing with ideas of mortality, destiny and the random nature of chance at Carriageworks last night. With a delightfully wry sense of humour he asks the big questions that need to be asked over and over as time changes the parameters of our human condition. A podcast will be made of the talk soon and I will add that link here when it becomes available.
’til then here’s some links to more about the artist and his work
“Chance” by Christian Boltanski at Carriageworks
“The Result of Chance” an excellent review by Nina Serova
“A Cheerful Conversation” for Drome Magazine
Christian Boltanski’s artist’s statement for Personal Structures
“I come to my studio every day at 10.30, and I stay and do nothing. I go to Paris sometimes. I have a few ideas. To be very pretentious, sometimes I believe it is mystical. Sometimes you find nothing, and then you find some-thing you love to do. Sometimes you make mistakes, but some-times it’s true. In two minutes, you understand what you must do for the next two years. Sometimes it’s in the studio, but other times it’s walking in the street or reading a magazine. It’s a good life, being an artist, because you do what you want”.
These words have inspired me for years it was so good to hear him in real life!

  1. Carol says:

    Mo, it looks marvellous! I think I need a Newtown visit, catch up with Suzy, stock up on her food and visit Carriageworks!

  2. Jane (epocktextiles) says:

    It seems like 1 moment I knew nothing about Christian Boltanski, then the next – there he is. Shows my lack of formal art training I suppose. Went to MONA last weekend, there he was again. What an amazing place.

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