the wonder of paper engineering!

Posted: December 18, 2013 by Mo Crow in friends
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popup-snowglobeHow cool is the paper engineering in this pop up snow globe nativity scene?  and so practical, we can fold it away and pop it up again next year
snowglobeflatI love this 21stC world!
Here’s a favourite bit of seasonal kitsch silliness from a few years ago
japanese_christmas_card_engrishimg_assist_customNB snopes debunked the urban myth of it here

and going from the ridiculous to the sublime

by Jane Hirshfield

Some stories last many centuries,
others only a moment.
All alter over that lifetime like beach-glass,
grow distant and more beautiful with salt.

Yet even today, to look at a tree
and ask the story Who are you? is to be transformed.

There is a stage in us where each being, each thing, is a mirror.

Then the bees of self pour from the hive-door,
ravenous to enter the sweetness of flowering nettles and thistle.

Next comes the ringing a stone or violin or empty bucket
gives off—
the immeasurable’s continuous singing,
before it goes back into story and feeling.

In Borneo, there are palm trees that walk on their high roots.
Slowly, with effort, they lift one leg then another.

I would like to join that stilted transmigration,
to feel my own skin vertical as theirs:
an ant-road, a highway for beetles.

I would like not minding, whatever travels my heart.
To follow it all the way into leaf-form, bark-furl, root-touch,
and then keep walking, unimaginably further.

the first verse was in Terri Windling’s post about Trusting the Gift this morning
You can read an interview with Jane Hirshfield here
I have just ordered a copy of her “Given, Sugar, Given Salt” because these words speak straight to my soul.

  1. deanna7trees says:

    oh yes. i have always been fascinated with pop-ups…especially the books.

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Mo that is a beautiful poem, I’m going to print it and put it on the wall. You are such an inspiration.

  3. fiberels says:

    Ha, great to fold it away afterwards !!!
    (should be able to do that with aaaaall
    the christmas decorations …… 😉 !)

    Love pop-up books too

    • Mo Crow says:

      Hi Els, I love the silliness & the wonder of this time of year, tonight we will attend a Qaballah Summer Solstice ritual to round off this season of opposites! Here in the Land Down Under we celebrate both the Summer & Winter Solstice with xmas decorations and fake snow and Santas in beards, red wool suits & white fake fur (I was soo disappointed to learn that Coca-Cola invented that advertising image back in the 30’s!) whilst here it’s the longest midsummer days of fun in the sun at the beach!!

  4. deedeemallon says:

    I love the parts of the poem about wishing to be a tree…

  5. Carol says:

    Your popup card is very clever. I was (momentarily) inspired to try to make one. That’s a very interesting Snopes article about the crucified Santa – thank goodness for Snopes and Urban Myths. The poem is wonderful and I’ve been reading more on the Amazon page. Very enjoyable and soulful. Lovely!

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