the quiet power of art

Posted: September 23, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Charlie Numbulmoore1965 WanjinasUntitled (Wanjinas) c. 1965 by Charlie Numbulmoore
natural earth pigments on cardboard
Charlie Numbulmoore lived in the Kimberly the place of the Boab dreaming
photo courtesy of Tim Klingender Fine Art

This powerful painting spoke so strongly yet quietly in the midst of the uber cool of all the bright young things at the Contemporary Art Fair held at Carriageworks this weekend. It was incredibly stimulating seeing so much art in one afternoon but the more I think about the experience the less I like the idea of these big art fairs… the intensity of the visual overload is overwhelming… art is better understood in a considered way like a good Cognac, slowly and savoured…
here’s some links to the artists that caught my eye
Lucienne Rikard
Joshua Yeldham
Julia deVille
A Map of Days by Grayson Perry
Laurent Grasso
Imagination of Existence no2 by Uttaporn Nimmalaikaew
Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan
Chang’ an Avenue  by Liu Zhuoquan
Brett Bailey
Fiona McMonagle
Chun Kwang Young
& a big thanks to Artsite Gallery for the complimentary passes!

  1. Carol says:

    I went to Carriagworks too, and while I loved being so immersed in so much art, I did feel overwhelmed. I was there four hours and felt I only really saw about one third of the art. Loved the Wanjinas, and the NZ art. I’ll try to blog about it soon. I was offered free tickets, said I couldn’t go so didn’t take them. Then made a wild dash on the last day and had to pay for my entry. Lesson: never refuse a free ticket!

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