Junko Oki’s new book “culte à la carte” just arrived!

Posted: August 14, 2013 by Mo Crow in good books
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Junko-Oki-parcelJunko Oki’s book of her latest work “culte à la carte” just arrived and it’s a treasure
Junk-Oki-covershe has such a wonderful way of working  with line and thread
Junko-Oki-page-sampleI love how she has photographed the back of each piece
Junko-Oki-back-pageyou can order a copy via her blog

  1. saskia says:

    oh wow, Mo this is great!

  2. hi mo–thanks so much. i did not know about this artist. i have tried to order her book & have emailed with her but any invoice i get keeps being in japanese–so we just kinda gave up. any suggestions? thanks !

  3. we emailed back & forth so i THINK i wrote to that address . but will try again. thanks so much for your help.

  4. Toshiaki Komuro says:

    Hello there, it’s been more than a year since the last comment so I’m not sure anyone is reading this, but I wanted to inform anybody who’s interested in Junko’s art that her new photo book has just hit the shelves of bookstores in Japan on Dec 6. The book itself is beautiful. It is binded by colourful threads, a very special paper and ink is used. It’s in a book case with gold plated title. Inside the book are 115 photos(much larger than her previous book) of her works and at the end there are notes on each work about the events and memories that inspired that work or what she was thinking when she created it. They are all written in Japanese but there are English translations on all of them so you can enjoy her unique view as well. You can buy the books from http://www.cowbooks.jp/

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