The Drover on Softly, Softly by Greg Hyde

Posted: July 2, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Art-on-walls-2013Blown away by the generous gift of “The Drover on Softly, Softly” by Greg Hyde , his jewel of a painting glows on the wall above Bronwyn Berman‘s “Bee”  & between the bark by Wululu 1976 and “Crow Egg 1” by Glenda Jones. On the far left is “A Matter of Time” by Glenda Jones, the steel convex mirror in the fireplace is by Olga Cironis 1990 and the print of bees is by the English artist Mark Rowney via John  Foley of Imagine Gallery in the UK.
Greg-Hyde-The-Drover-on-Softly-Softly“The Drover on Softly, Softly” by Greg Hyde 2013
You can see more of Greg’s wonderfully whimsical art at Artsite Gallery
Our home is so blessed with all the art gifted by these big hearted artists!

  1. Patricia says:

    what a tremendous powerful other-worldly gallery you live with.

  2. Carol says:

    A truly wonderful gift, Mo! What a marvellous painting, and it really does glow. Love your wall of art.

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