“a snail, that’s what it is”

Posted: May 23, 2013 by Mo Crow in good books
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The-Sound-of-a-Wild-Snail-EatingI have just started reading an utterly delightful book “The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating” by Elizabeth Tova Bailey 
a slow beautiful reveal of close observations of the snail that the author shared her life with during a long illness. The delicate soft pencil illustrations by Kathy Bray are beautifully observed and by page 40 I am deeply in love with this book (it’s from the library but definitely a keeper) Books are my life long passion, the space between the covers provides a quiet place of retreat, a private world to explore, a gallery I can hold in my hands and carry with me, full of wonder, fresh perspectives & inspiration.
bookshere’s 2 of my bookcases recording some of the avenues of curiosity I explore  glass, jewelry, printmaking, bookbinding, lace making, favourite artists, gallery catalogues, cats, Egypt, gardening, alchemy, astrology, myth & magic alongside some of the old sketchbooks and prototypes for my handmade books
books3some of the bigger books and more old sketch books
paintings are “Crow Egg 1” & “A Matter of Time” by Glenda Jones
books1& the really big books that don’t fit on the shelves sit in a beautiful basket made by Alan White a Melbourne weaver back in the 70’s especially for gathering flowers & herbs
here’s a link back to a list of the books that have changed my life
and a beautiful post in celebration of reading

(NB the quote for the title of this post is from “There is a Mountain” an old song by Donovan)

  1. kathydorfer says:

    great post .. i love books too . i have been think of letting go of a lot of them . the art books will be the hardest . both my husband have used them for reference but it seems not so much anymore .
    i would love to be with less stuff . it is hard to think about but i want to feel lighter . i too realize how much books effected my thinking . be here now & siddhartha are huge . ram dass is still a hero .
    thank you for sharing this .

    • Mo Crow says:

      I do regret every book I had to leave behind in my younger years with having to move fast every now & then to get out of strange scenes with just what would fit in a suitcase! I have bought some of them again now like The Golden Book of Fairy Tales with Adrienne Segur’s beautiful illustrations & I need to find “Ann in the Moon” again with the illustrations by Alan Aldridge & then there’s all the dream books that need to be made, I need another 50 years at least!

  2. deanna7trees says:

    ah yes, books. i debate, on a daily basis, which ones i’m willing to part with. there just isn’t any more shelf space and there are shelves in every room. i have given some away but still need to lighten the load.and where shall i put the new ones that are arriving. novels and some non-fiction are read on my kindle, but art and craft books have to be hard copy.

    • Mo Crow says:

      One of the good things about renting is every x amount of years we have to move and moving demands a cull as there are only so many boxes of things I want to haul around but all the books are keepers. We rent indoor plants to two of the local public libraries & visit to tend the palms as well as borrow books once a week so almost never buy novels but do make exceptions for the stand out works and also with writers who have gone out of fashion, ie. the works of Richard Brautigan are no longer kept on the shelves in our local library and are getting harder to find in the second hand bookshops.

  3. dinahmow says:

    Ah…it will have to wait til i come home.

  4. julie says:

    Love this view of your bookshelves, Mo, its like looking into you. I always thought it was a waste to sneak a peak at what medicines people kept in their bathrooms when you could get a much better view into who they are through their bookshelves. Is Glenda Jones’ bird related to Saskia’s Ghost Bird???? PS Just discovered an Australian novelist who is completely not in print here, Derek Hansen…need to have his books dropped by a low flying plane.

    • Mo Crow says:

      Oh they may well be related, Glenda painted “A Matter of Time” back in 2004 from drawings made of the Corvus coronoides skeleton at the Australian Museum for a show called “Lustre” all the paintings were of crows and pearls & haven’t heard of Derek Hansen, what genre?

  5. deedeemallon says:

    I, too, love books and I, too, regret many of the books I have let go… they say three moves equals a fire, did you know that? I studied Medieval Lit in college and wish, wish I still had all those volumes (even the ones in Old Irish) and there was Jungian interpretations of literature, and mystical literature east and west and oh, I wish I still had all those books!!

    Some books circulate though. Read ’em and pass ’em on (murder mysteries and even some of the good contemporary fiction).

    I love getting to see this side of you… both your space, and your history through the books that have mattered to you. Next time I need something terrific to read, I’ll remember to come here.

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