Culture of Water by Bronwyn Berman

Posted: April 9, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Culture-of-Water-by-Bronwyn-Berman_1“Culture of Water ” by our talented friend Bronwyn Berman is a commissioned public artwork for The Ponds housing development & was officially opened to the public yesterday.
Artist’s Statement – “A public art work commissioned by Landcom for the new Western Sydney housing development, ‘The Ponds’.  It consists of seven organic reed-like forms with a spiral flowing through the middle of the composition.  The brief for the project centred around the theme of ‘The Culture of Water’ and the piece talks about the natural system of water as it is transpired via the plant kingdom to it’s gaseous state in the sky and returned to the earth through the spiral vortex of the clouds.  A gentle fountain bubbles beneath the tip of the spiral and an aeration system installed also in a spiral configuration centred on the sculpture within the lake provides currents to keep the water moving and healthy.  The work was installed at the end of November 2012.”
Culture-of-Water-by-Bronwyn-Berman_3the cormorants enjoying the view, the stainless steel “reeds” are 8m high!
Culture-of-Water-by-Bronwyn-Berman_2the far view in the fantastic light early this morning
Big-Reeds-by-Bronwyn-Berman-2012here’s a photo taken back in early December just after the installation which was an engineering feat in itself involving cranes and semi trailers, it nestled onto the location bolts in the pond perfectly first go!
bigreeds1Bronwyn and Angus a week before the sculpture was completed at Bert’s metal fabrication workshop
here’s a link to Bronwyn’s photos of the work in progress she will be adding more shots of the installation soon.

  1. Robyn says:

    Lovely to see this piece in the early morning mist… almost mystical. I love Bronwyn’s spirals.

  2. patricia says:

    this really captures it–the idea of pond and water and environment. and how nice that the birds would be so cooperative. this also got me thinking about here, in the US, where $$ for the arts seems to be really drying up. Australia appears to be so fertile in both artists and support for the arts. wonderful.

  3. deedeemallon says:

    beautiful! I’m struck by its many moods, as captured in your pictures.

  4. Carol says:

    A really beautiful sculpture – lucky Western Sydney. Thank goodness we still have public art. Bronwyn was inspired!

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