Olga Cironis – The Weight Of Their Voices Echo In The Black Sand

Posted: March 21, 2013 by Mo Crow in art exhibitions
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Olga Cironis 1“The Weight Of Their Voices Echo In The Black Sand” by Olga Cironis
laneway ephemeral installation for the City of Subiaco WA 2013
(photos courtesy of the artist)
Olga Cironis 2 Olga Cironis 3

Artist’s Statement:
“After 8 months of researching the history of the Subiaco area, I chose to work with a story about a piano that arrived from England in the 1800’s. The piano arrived on the beach ( probably City Beach) and was carried by a number of men over “sand hills and scrub”. At one point the men became tired and stopped to rest. As the men fell about hot and exhausted, one of the men opened up the piano and began to play a sonata, that he linked to his years living in England.
This sorrowful sound of remembering and loss could be heard from miles away.
In this work I was interested in the melancholy of a moment, when the sound of the piano was heard for the first time, by the new settlers to the area and the indigenous people who were loosing their land and their way of life as they knew it.
In this work I used text made out of feathers from lovers pillows and an antique piano that was covered and stitched over in grey woollen blankets.
The feather text above the piano: THE WEIGHT OF THEIR VOICES ECHO IN THE BLACK SAND.

If you are interested in seeing the work, it is in a lane way  of Rockerby Road between Smales Jewellers and Smales Watches Store. ”

Olga is such a brilliant artist and very good friend, just wish I could be there!

  1. deanna7trees says:

    sounds and looks interesting.

  2. Els says:

    beautiful “work of art” !!!
    (love the film “the Piano”;-) !)

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