Autumn Equinox

Posted: March 20, 2013 by Mo Crow in It's Crow Time, magic
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EquinoxOn the March Equinox each year Old Man Crow and I make lists of what we want to release from our lives and then burn them with the old sticks. When the fire has gone out we plant the lists of our renewed intent tied to freshly feathered new sticks into the ground next to the guard dragon and watered with the doused ashes.
equinox 2013It’s a good way to honour our journey & then to top it off the mail arrived with Joshua Harker’s 3D printed “6 Primitives Chain” that I received for making a small contribtion to his second Kickstarter project Anatomica di Revolutis.
Joshua-Harker-6-Primitives-ChainThe quality of the 3D printing is excellent, each link is perfectly formed, the details in the 6 primitives are perfect with no deformation and the jump ring actually works! Here’s a link to lots of photos on Joshua’s website of the first piece i backed Crania Anatomica Filigree which is even more beautiful! The models are printed in nylon but the pieces can be cast in anything once the prototype is made. The possibilities of this process are very exciting, anything that can be drawn with a pencil or on a computer screen can be made into a 3D form!
& here it is looking totally at home on Old Man Crow’s medicine stick

  1. Carol says:

    I’ve been looking at this for days, Mo, thinking about your ritual in the garden, which seems to me to be a very good idea. I love your guard dragon and the little ‘magic’ patch. As for Joshua Harker’s work, this is absolutely amazing. I’ll be looking at his video again – so interesting and inspiring. Your chain is a real treasure.

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